Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"A World In Need Of More Brandon Shephards Does Have ... Brandon Shephard"

The Tribune has an editorial today that pays homage to our Uptown neighbor who saved the life of the abandoned newborn on Beacon and Wilson:

"Here's what we have to do: We have to encourage more Brandon Shephards to step forward. We have to make brief presentations to the organizations to which we belong—any organization, any mission. We have to reach out to the schools our children attend or, if we're teachers, to the schools where we work. We have to ask our churches to post brief notices in their weekly bulletins."

Read the entire editorial here. And there's some additional news video from CBS and NBC.

One of the news stations mentions that when Baby Wilson is released from the hospital, it will be into the home of his new adoptive family. And that's a happy ending.


  1. I do like this story. Nice ending.

    Adopted young man finds abandoned baby who gets adopted.

    There is another angle too.

    Watch the video and listen to the debate on "gay rights" and then you tell Brandon he is unworthy to adopt.

    It may not be politically correct, but Brandon seems to be a "friend of Dorothy"(as someone here might say) and also a great roll model for all of us. Take that GOP. Take that "Christian Right".

    Zap, POW! bang.

  2. The CBS report said he walked by two people who he asked to call 911, and they both ignored him. Nice...