Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's Missing? The "U"-Word

If you've got a spare $1.7 million to spend on housing, take a look at this gorgeous restored 15-room mansion on the 4600 block of Beacon.

For that kind of money, you don't live in "Uptown" anymore: the house is marketed as being in "East Ravenswood." Or, we suppose, South Andersonville. Or West Lakefront? North Lincoln Park?

Update: Heavens to Betsy! We were joking in the paragraph above, but actually saw a listing for a rental on the 4700 block of Beacon described as being in "North Lakeview." Apparently Beacon Street wears many hats in the real estate biz.


  1. This is Uptown. Like it or lump it.

  2. Why not "North Lincoln Park"? Well other than some of the more notorious implications, the name must have some monetary benefits, after all some real estate folks will have Lincoln Park stretching out to O'Hare any year now. But seriously, the housing stock in Uptown is fantastic, I once attended a fundraiser for James Cappleman at a home on Kenmore that blew me away. I had friends who lived on Kenmore when it was changing 20 years ago and back then we didn't think about the beautiful building stock we just wanted to get in and out of the area without incident. Now, about that $1.6 million...