Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sound Sleeper

Another reader who was passing by the Wilson L station today sent us this photo of a man who has taken up residency in front of the station. We had seen him in the same spot yesterday. He never flinched when trains screeched by overhead or fire trucks with sirens blaring passed by. The reader said they contacted 911 for a wellness check.


  1. I had a 'wheel chair bound' beggar, nearly assault me
    after I refused to give him money.
    I call them 'Helen's People'.....and they are ruining our neighborhood.

  2. and it's "our" neighborhood, not "theirs" because....?

  3. It's 'theirs' too....but what are 'they' contributing, by
    breaking laws?

  4. I'm with Kenny. It is their neighborhood too, regardless of what they are able to "contribute".

  5. I agree with hope - there is no need for the aggressive panhandling. If these people can't be good neighbors they shouldn't be a part of the neighborhood.

  6. I think this is sad, no one should have to sleep outside. I also know that is really hard for people to find the proper resources, especially when there don't seem to be enough. I am sorry that a beggar assaulted you, I know that homeless people get angry to at the system which perpetuates their situation, and I know that sometimes they lash out. A large number of uptown's homeless came from the closing of mental institutions across the state, the patients were just released into the city, with severe mental illnesses. There is not other choice for a large number of our city's homeless, and treating them with less respect than we do for stray dogs is just really sad.

  7. This really is a catch-22 situation. It's "our" neighborhood because "we" take ownership (in the sense of pride in/commitment to/responsibilty for) the neighborhood. A balanced community can absorb the less fortunate. What we're experiencing in Uptown, I believe, is an overload.

  8. Kenny, 'ours' or 'theirs' is not the issue.

    Are you all for letting people set up camp,
    on public and or other people's private property,
    which inevitably leads to public urination, litter,
    property damage, and loitering?

    This is a 'look the other way' Shiller attitude.