Thursday, July 3, 2008

Opening The Floodgates

On July 7 Alderman Shiller will propose lifting the ban on selling packaged liquor west of the Wilson L stop. (46.4) deals with Wilson Avenue, from Broadway to the first alley west of Magnolia Avenue. While we are sure that this is in regards to 7-Eleven opening at Wilson and Clifton, what will stop other liquor stores from popping up on Wilson now?


  1. What can the community do to ensure this proposal is not approved?

    This is a potentially terrible development for an especially blighted strip of Wilson Ave.

  2. As if there weren't enough vacant storefronts on Wilson towards Magnolia for more liquor sales.

  3. I think 711 is a good thing all their stores are clean and brightly lite.

    It's a good thing in my opinion. Also they won't let people bother customers by asking for change etc. and they are monitoried electronically 24/7 from people offsite that can talk ot people in the store via intercom to tell them to get the hell out.

  4. "b", I don't think the problem is 7-11. I think the problem is with zoning an entire area, that already has an outrageous amount of arrests, loitering and public drunkenness, for more liquor stores.

    I think one problem package liquor store (JJ Peppers) is enough. I don't have a problem with 7-11, but I don't want to see the "floodgates open."