Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Headline Necessary

Seen this morning at the Alderman's "Community Service Office."


  1. Helen’s foul-mouthed staff must be in the back room coming up with expletive laden zingers to throw at the public - or else they'd wipe off the gang graffiti - right?
    Or as part of her alliance with the gang scum, they get to tag her front window.
    Also it never occurred to me how painfully appropriate it is is that her office is deemed a "Community Service Office"

  2. I am so tempted to stop in there and call out those fools. But better than stooping to their bottom feeder level, I'm going to attend the Town Meeting tonight and 'let it be known.'

  3. I know what you must be thinking, but I didn't do it! It is funny though, and well timed I suppose.

  4. Way to go, homies. You show them who's boss.

  5. Y'all know what they say about karma, right?

    Or ... could she have gone so far as to anger the gangs? Wouldn't that be interesting?

    Still. Couldn't have happened to a .. uh ... nicer ... uh ... person.

  6. 'Community Disservice Office' is more like it.

  7. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

    As for the "graf art" at least it wasn't a gunshot this time.

  8. Too bad it was done by some moron and not someone who could write something legible and relevant. He was so close, why couldn't he have crossed out "community service" and just left "office"?

  9. If this was Gotham City, Shiller would have been locked up in Arkham Asylum a long time ago like the Joker she is.

    "This town needs an Enima!"

  10. I actually saw Helen walking from the Truman parking lot (east side entrance under the tracks) towards one of the side entrances (south east corner). It was 6:20 pm and she was talking on her phone. Its amazing that she still is willing to show her face around here.

  11. "Its amazing that she still is willing to show her face around here."

    Last I heard, she's alderman of the 46th Ward. What's so "amazing" about her showing her face?

  12. "What's so 'amazing' about her showing her face?"

    What's so "amazing" is the fact that she so rarely shows her face, anywhere. At anytime. For any reason.

    Not only that, but when the people she was elected to serve request to see that face, the response they receive is not only far from productive, it's far from cordial.

    You're right. She is the alderman of the 46th.

    Not just some of the 46th ward; but, the whole darned ward.

    It's high time she starts conducting her business with that in mind.

    The level of anger you're seeing displayed, and the reason that people will make comments as to the "amazement" of her showing her face are directly attributed to the fact that she's done such a piss poor job of being an alderman.

    Was she elected to be our representative on City Council, or elected to be a wraith?

  13. Should we question the timing of this graffiti?

  14. "What's so "amazing" about her showing her face?"

    Do you really have to ask?