Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Man Stabbed At Lawrence Red Line Station

From the Chicago Tribune regarding last night's stabbing:
About two hours later, Chicago police officers responded to a call of a person stabbed at the Lawrence CTA station in Uptown, authorities said.

Red Line trains bypassed the station, and a bus shuttle was put in place between the Argyle and Wilson stations, Taylor said.

Police said it was unclear if the man, described as in his 30s, was stabbed inside the station or somewhere else. Officer John Henry said the man was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, but his condition was not immediately known.


  1. Some superhero you are! At home washing your tights, last night? ;)

    We definitely need to hold superheros accountable, as well.

  2. Yeah way to go Uptown Superhero! Dropped the ball on that one last night.

    Im just impressed that some one brought a knife to a gun fight here in Uptown.

  3. I am sure I am going to get slammed for this...but I have to wonder if that person was 'sketchy' being at the L that late on a Tuesday...or was it just someone coming home late from work/dinner? I would feel much better if he was an intential target or just some poor guy who was stabbed and robbed.

    1. I’m not gonna slam your comment. Rather, I’ll answer the proposed question lingering somewhere between ‘sketchy’ & what ‘would make you feel much better’ in a preverbial scenario as you had stated.

      The reason I was at the Lawrence train stop at such an ungodly hour being approximately 9pm (OMG!) usually for most ppl and certainly was for myself that night was to catch the train, sir! Even further, I was attempting to catch the southbound train that goes into the city where I could then transfer to the blue line heading to the West suburbs. Of course, we all know that didn’t happen due to a MANIAC w/a homemade knife made of razor blades who evidently had his own plan of ‘inadvertently’ making myself his victim. I use the word ‘inadvertently’ because it could have been anybody this happened to however, that night it was me he ended up stabbing 11 times.

      After attending a friends housewarming celebration in Uptown for 45 minutes my decision to go back home was an easy one based on the location I was in and the time of day/night that it was.

  4. Crew Dude - stats would indicate (pretty convincingly) that this person was probably involved in some sort of criminal activity himself.

    Thankfully, a large % of violent crime in the city is between two willing participants in the criminal trade.

  5. Helen called me and said she would make a statement but since she got booed at the Pride Parade she doesn't know what to do anymore.

    I asked her to log on her and reply but she said "isn't that the bad apples blog?"

    She would decide where, when and if she makes a statement.

  6. Anyone see a guy near Broadway and Belle Plaine last night in an Iowa Hawkeyes T-shirt threatening people? He was screaming something about Viet Nam and harassing everyone who was walking by. I saw him try to steal some Beer from patrons at Michael's who were sitting outside. He also tried to block a 36 bus and yelled something at the driver. He mentioned that the cops had dropped him there and that he wasn't from the area... Are the cops dumping crazy people in Buena Park now?

  7. What we've heard is that there was a fight between two guys riding the L. One guy stabbed the other one and jumped back on the train as it left the station. The man who was stabbed staggered downstairs to Lawrence, where people on the street called 911.

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  9. "As for late-night el safety on the northside, you're taking your chances by standing alone on any platform stop between Howard and Addison, save for Loyola."

    Loyola my ass! A few years back I was jumped by 2 black guys around 2 AM at that stop. The one guy sat next to me and kept calling me "white boy." He kept saying "bling bling white boy, give me your money." I found it kinda funny because the only other time I had heard the term "bling bling" was on a Macdonalds commercial from this suburban white dude in the back of a mustang at the drive through. I found it funny that this gangbanger, which he was, was quoting from a white dude in a commercial. Little did I know how much that saying would catch on.

    So this guy was trying to rob me while the other dude was pissing on the track and saying, "just give him your money dude." I had $10 dollars on me but I am stubborn so I kept saying I didn't have any money. Then the guy tried to strangle me while saying "give me your money white boy!"

    I pushed him off me and ran off the platform and down the stairs to a cab sitting outside. I banged on the window and told the driver that 2 guys were trying to mug me and that I needed a ride. He said, and I quote, "fuck that", and drove off leaving me standing there.

    The dudes ended up leaving out another entrance and the whole thing made me madder than hell.

    When I woke up the next morning as I was brushing my teeth I noticed this yellow bruise in the shape of a hand on my neck. I was like "OMG some dudes tried to mug me last night." I had totally forgot about it and it made me laugh thinking about this gangbanger trying to be all hard quoting a Macdonalds commercial.

    "Bling bling white boy, bling bling!" It still makes me laugh.

    OH BTW, it doesn't matter what stop you are at in the city at night, you can be assaulted at any of them. No Cameras, no witnesses!

  10. What makes the Loyola stop safer than any others on the north side?

  11. Okay, so popular opinion says the Loyola stop is off limits, too.

    Personally, I would avoid being on ANY el stop at 2 am. Actually, I'd avoid being out at that time, period, no matter where I was or even if I had a car.

  12. I would agree with that. The El is a different world after 10PM or so, spcifically the Red Line in my experience.

  13. Holy crap, Butternut, quite a story. I wish I was there to back you up and find their groin with my foot...