Saturday, July 19, 2008

Andersonville's Loss Could Be Uptown's Gain

By Andrew Schroedter
(Crain’s) — A North Side real estate firm has paid about $5 million for an Andersonville retail building, with plans to find new tenants for an ornate structure that’s the home of jazz choreographer Joel Hall’s dance studio, which is looking to move.
Realty & Mortgage Co. acquired the 23,220-square-foot structure at 5254 N. Clark St. from a land trust controlled by Avant Shakian, who operates Community Auto Parts Inc., which is on the first-floor of the two-story building and is also looking to move.
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Might we suggest one of Uptown's many vacant storefronts for Mr. Hall's dance studio.


  1. Joel Hall's dance studio would be a wonderful thing to bring to Uptown, especially because we lost Columbia. How about a letter writing campaign... some assistance from the Chamber in finding properties...what else could we do to bring more arts groups to Uptown?

  2. Don't hold your breath.

    Remember that Alderman Helen Shiller was "oh so supportive" of keeping Columbia Dance Theatre and the Black Ensemble Theatre in Uptown that one ended up moving to the South Side and the other has decided to move to a space just over the border to the 47th ward.

    Maybe you could talk to Alderman Gene Schulter, Alderman Mary Ann Smith or Alderman Tom Tunney. At least it would still be in Uptown or "Uptown near."

    And why was it again that the Wilson Yard TIF was called an "Entertainment District TIF?" Oh yeah, it was for the entertaining nature of "traffic friendly" development, parking garages, Day Labor and Big Box shopping.

  3. ...and did the VIP Methodone Clinic across from her office receive Entertainment District TIF funds? That might also count as "Entertainment" in the Helen Shiller world view.

  4. i would be glad just to have another place that's not a wig store or check cashing business!

    although a dance studio is kind of gay and we're pretty well stocked on gay up in this joint! holla to my fellow friends of dorothy! :)

  5. "Andersonville's Loss Could Be Uptown's Gain"

    could be, but don't hold your breathe

    " ... Realty & Mortgage plans an extensive, $1.5-million renovation of the 1930s-era building, says Harold Rider, vice-president of the company, which acquired the property May 22."

    Rider is famous as perhaps east Rogers Park's most infamous slumlord

    When Rider finally tapped out of the 2 4+1's just east of the Morse EL stop, long the safe haven for Morse's open air drug market, after years of intense pressure from CAPS, Alderman Joe Moore himself lauded the sale, calling them "THE worst building in Morse Avenue if not the neighborhood"

  6. Rider sold the landmark Germania Place in Old Town to a mall developer.

    Germania Club building sold to shopping center firm

    Lynn Becker commentary

    The Unprotected: The Germania Club