Monday, June 23, 2008

YoChicago Experiences "Tour de Kenmore"

Joe Zekas of YoChicago has a video tour of Kenmore as he drives between Irving and Montrose (with a brief detour that takes him to Buena, Sheridan and Montrose). Pretty fun to see the scenery from the dash-cam, and to hear Joe's commentary. He compares and contrasts the days of Kenmore being "Desolation Row" to how it is today. Check it out here.


  1. I just posted a comment.

    Sounds like there will be more videos during the week.

  2. This will give a bit of a background as to what Joe Zekas was talking about in his Kenmore video.

    I disagree with the story saying it was the last blight in Buena Park, but it is interesting information. Some of the east/west streets south of Buena and north of Irving weren't exactly non blighted themselves.

    Although in fairness Kenmore was certainly the worst. We had our own gang called the Kenmore Boys. White gang affiliated with other white gangs and White Power idiots.

    Story on Kenmore from the New York Times in 1988.

  3. "The project has been opposed by Helen Shiller(sic)."