Monday, June 30, 2008

Sheridan And Irving Demo Has Begun

Demo work has begun on the Thorek Hospital owned building at Sheridan and Irving. This building was in relatively good condition, but according to the Alderman's office, it is being demolished to make "green space" until Thorek decides what they want to do with the property. Let's hope they are able to fill the spaces in this development (if that is what they end up doing) better than the newer building at Broadway and Irving. "For RENT" signs have been up for a long time now with no takers.


  1. Is "greenspace" Thorek speak for an empty lot with some weeds?

  2. Does this mean more green space for loitering???

  3. i walk past here everyday on my way home and was wondering what would become of this corner. i was hoping for something a little more interesting. if they sink enough $$ in it could be nice to have a "park" on the corner, but agree it could end up as a big pile of dog poop and loitering.