Friday, June 13, 2008

Hoodie Model In The Hood

A reader sent in a pic of a photo shoot yesterday in front of the soon-to-be-repaired and long time crumbling Lawrence Avenue viaduct over Lake Shore Drive. Looks like it was some sort of fashion shoot and the model was sporting a hoodie and jeans. If the person scouting for a location for this shoot was looking for a "gritty" looking bridge, they sure found the right place. They were smart not to shoot the photos under the bridge or that white hoodie might end up looking a tad bit dingy from whatever was raining down through the bridge at that time.


  1. Oh yeah baby! This was soooo funny! Thanks to the person who sent this in. I think we've all taken the wrong approach here. We should stop criticizing so much and just get out there with our Old Navy gear on and strike a pose! I would love to see the final product. Or maybe they are doing promo work for UU's flick, "The Bridges of UPTOWN, Cook County!"

    Ahhh the memories and the laughs... Thanks Uptown Update!

  2. Funny, saw this going by in a cab. must admit when first coming down the Wilson exit ramp & seeing from a distance I assumed this was related to a bike/car accident, then upon getting closer, had a laugh about that, being that it was the last thing we expectd to see. (Have lived just down the street for just over 2.5 yrs--and love it!).