Friday, June 6, 2008

Death Investigation At Wilson/Clifton

We're hearing that the police are conducting a death investigation at Wilson and Clifton and that a body has been removed from the scene. Does anyone have any further information? We sincerely hope this was a death by natural causes and not by foul play.


  1. Or perhaps another man dying from heat stroke in the Wilson Men's Club located at Wilson and Clifton?

  2. The police don't answer questions typically....That's bullshit....they tell you to go away if you ask if there was a shooting ....

    What's the big secret...

    i hear there are many more unreported murders in Uptown....homeless men and prostitutes being killed that don't get reported ...these people apparently are just thrown away and some other explanation is given for their's too much paper work ...

    cops don't like paper the way ...they would rather not report a crime if they didn't have to...

    especially if they are part of a crime ring themselves

  3. There was a recent homicide that many of you may not be aware of. It happened around the same time as Oduro's murder. The family is still looking for the killer too.

    Maratta Walker, 46, who was staying at Somerset Place on Sheridan was found murdered at the Chicago Lodge on Foster on May 9th. Her home address was listed as in the 1400 block of South Spencer in Berkeley. A man, who paid in cash and did not bring a car to the hotel, was seen leaving the hotel room shortly before Walker's decomposed body was found stuffed in a closet. He had stayed at the hotel for over a week, never let the cleaning staff in and handed "badly soiled" items to the staff through the door. They threw the items away rather than trying to wash them.

    The family is looking for the killer and no motive has been stated in any of the reports I have read. WBBM does report that the Berkeley police say the 14xx South Spencer home had been heavily damaged by fire on April 15 - a fire still being investigated as suspicious. Berkeley police also say that there was a drug raid on the home before the fire. Police say no charges were filed, but that the case is still under investigation.

    It is unclear how long Maratta Walker was a resident at Somerset. There have been no media statements from them either.

    The assistant manager of the Chicago Lodge thinks this is the first murder that has happened there.

  4. I saw a small blurb in the Tribune about that murder at the Chicago Lodge. I was tempted to blog it on Uptown Update but was concerned for the Chicago Lodge's reputation.

    I stayed there during my home rennovation and it is a perfectly fine motel for the $70-$80/ night they charge to stay there. It is is located next to the Saddle and Cycle Club on Foster and Marine.

    It is so sad about the woman who was murdered. I wondered who she was because the Trib piece did not have any details about the victim. Thank you for providing a face to that horrendous crime.

  5. I have caught the 23rd District redacting their crime stats on many occassions. There is actually an Illinois law that requires the Police Departments to provide full crime statistics to reporters. On occassion I have known personally about certain violent crimes and seen that they have not been reported by local reporters. Upon inquiry with those reporters, I've found out that that those crime were not reported to the reporters in the 23rd District Crime stats.

    When the reporters have gone back to the police with my details about the crime from person who were present when it occurred, the police have fessed up with the reports.

    Two years ago they hid the fact that a police officer was found dead on the archery range at Addison and the Lakefront. Shame on them for violating state law and pulling these tricks on us.

  6. I learned that the middle aged man did not live at the Mens Hotel, he lived in an apartment next door. All I know is that he was diabetic and died of natural causes.

  7. Sad. The heat was bad that day. I bet he did not have a/c and it took an additional toll on him.