Monday, June 30, 2008

Cause I'm The Tax Man

T'was the night before Cook County's big tax increase. Read all about it at the Chicago Tribune.

Note: Larry Suffredin cast the swing vote on Todd's tax increase. Suffredin was endorsed by our incumbent (and up for re-election) Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky ... and our beloved and dedicated ward alderman, Helen Shiller. Mary Ann Smith tossed her support behind him, as well.


  1. Way to go CC! Nice to fleece the tax payers during this slow economic time. How bout that! Highest tax, highest gas rate, and soon to be highest murder rate.

    Lets keep on voting in the crooks and the crooks kids to take over when they die.

    Way to go Cook County and Chicago!

    I feel violated.

  2. Never understood the love for Jan S. She is one of Helen's strongest supporter, financial and otherwise. She was a PAID board member of her convicted husband's fruadulent "Charity." "Splain it, Lucy!"

  3. Wow thanks alot . Just what we really needed.
    I guess when they say crook county it really is and always will be unless we vote them out.
    It is our fault for thier presence so lets vote them all out next time............

  4. I know, let's elect the local Democratic Machine's main squeeze Barack Obama to the US Presidency so he can raise the taxes that Stroger and Daley aren't able to raise. Seriously, I don't know why we should expect anything different from our single party politicians and although some object to the characterization the Democrats are essentially a tax and spend party. Uptowndad is right about the timing of Stroger's latest nonsense but it is important to remember that while running for President in 2000 Al Gore stated that he would raise taxes in the face of an economic downturn, Al must think that the beurocracy is more important than the citizens