Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ald. Shiller's Moral Imperative: Ignore Gang Murder, Focus Attention On Environment

A reader writes in:
"This just posted on Alderman Shiller’s Website: Alderman Shiller’s Moral Imperative is the Environment!
Meanwhile she continues to ignore the gang murder of a Truman College student on the street in front of her office.
What’s moral about that?"

Sustainability & Recycling
Protecting Our Environment
From The Desk Of Alderman Helen Shiller

I have always believed that protecting our environment is both a moral imperative as well the natural consequence of applying innovative strategies to rapidly improving technologies. I have been at the forefront of many environmental issues. Now, more than ever, however, it is important to treat our environment not as a political hot potato to be debated, but as an issue where there is a common goal that can be achieved through the application of technology and the will-power to accomplish that goal.
Here, in the 46th Ward, we are one of seven wards that are part of the Blue Cart pilot program for recycling for single family homes and small-unit residential buildings. The Blue Carts are picked up every other week and the 46th Ward has great results to date. The 46th Ward is also taking the lead on a voluntary pilot program for multi-unit residential building recycling. Condos, Coops and other multi-unit residential buildings that have a recycling program are eligible to receive a refuse reimbursement, sometimes called the refuse or scavenger rebate, from the city.
In addition to recycling, the Wilson Yard development is a completely green development, with green roofs, and the largest rental building of its kind with a built-in recycling process. And every developer looking to build in the 46th Ward is encouraged to include a plan for recycling, consider energy efficient technologies and other green technologies.


  1. Click the Wilson Yard link in her propaganda. Love how it says Wilson Yard will be completed in 2008! Unbelievable!

  2. Shiller soap-boxing about morals?

    Damned if that isn't the funniest thing I've read, today.

    And, mentioning Wilson Yard is downright classic.

    Beyond the fact that she's let a site loaded with toxic material sit idle for ten years doing god knows what to the adjacent environment, how's the construction of this glorious new, earth-friendly development coming along?

    Maybe the new signage they put up is made from recycled material.

    Seriously, Helen ..., do you consider the public response to your press releases, or do you simply assume that we're all just so damned stupid that we'll fall for whatever tripe you post?

    No worries. Let's discuss your moral imperative on Saturday morning, shall we?

  3. From the great political mind of Helen Shiller:

    Recycling and the environment...yeah..yeah...that is an issue that will play with the gays and the yuppies and it is something I can stomach talking about. Let's put it on the website! They'll love it...and me.

  4. It's her MORAL IMPERATIVE line that just has me rolling on the floor laughing -- not with her, at her.

  5. I can't wait to frolick on the green roof of the low income highrise. Oh, that's right. No one can use it except those pigeons she hates so much.

  6. From a person working in the environmental industry, um I think people are more important.

  7. Green roof .. littered with Ice House cans and little plastic baggies.

  8. What a joke. At least its a step up from Cubs Parking notices.

  9. THIS IS SUCH BULL!!! I am outraged!! I am not a Shiller fan by any means, but I can't believe no one from her office - not a damn person - urged her to acknowledge the violence that's occurred over the last three weeks. Many officials are thoroughly educated people who went to college for public policy, social sciences...

    Come on! Wake up!! The people of the community that you represent are suffering! Serious gang fights, riots, and murders are taking place in the streets during daylight - some people would consider that a war zone! This neighborhood is becoming very unsafe!

    I am tired of feeling afraid in my own community, afraid of being shot at as I try to make my way toward the El to go to class, afraid of being harassed by drunken loiterers calling me a faggot when I refuse them change.

    Last week I chose not to renew my apartment lease so I can leave Uptown. It's not worth it. It's not worth being shot at, the potential violence, or the safety risk.

    Every weeks that I hear gunshots (more and more lately) I always remember that those bullets end up somewhere, and I'm tired of worrying if it's going to be me or someone I care about.

    As for the question "I don't know what they expect us to do?", well, we are turning to you, elected public officials hopefully educated thoroughly Public Policy, to at least attempt to come up with solutions to try and make the community safer. And to keep the community involved in that process.

    Please make this community a safer place, please protect us!

  10. I don't even know why she has a website. It is totally lacking in useful information and is rarely updated.

  11. Furious... I feel your pain.

    There is nothing worse than dealing with these issues, and having someone shot outside of your bedroom window at 9:00 at night, and then be told at a CAPS meeting by the police commissioner that our Ward has the lowest crime in the city. You should of heard the laughter after that statement.

    I also don't relish the idea of becoming a statistic either.

    Unfortunately, our Alderman doesn't care that you are moving because while you rent, you aren't living in an SRO or Section 8. You're problems aren't her concern. She definitely could care a hoot what I think, since I'm one of those nasty, bad apple home owners (a.k.a. INVESTORS in Uptown).

    I wish you luck in your apartment hunt. I wish I could say 'give it a chance, things might get better!' but the way things are going... Wilson Yard not going anywhere, Labor Ready plowing over the residents to open on Sheridan, and Shiller's blatant disregard of her constituents, I can't see that happening any time soon.

  12. What's old is new again:

    From the Chicago Trib Oct. 15, 1987, Perspective, p. 24

    Helen Shiller (46th), demonstrated a new brand of extremism that is apparently in vogue at City Hall. Insult community sensibilities. Trivialize people's experiences. Debunk neighborhood democracy. And when all else fails, charge "racism" in the hope of muzzling your opposition.

  13. Uptown Gal...

    Wow! Some tigers never change their stripes...

  14. Uptown Gal, was that a "perspective" piece in the Tribune or was it a story reporting that a secret aldermanic manual had been found lying on the floor of council chambers? :P If so, it looks to me that Helen Shiller should get an A+ for her tireless adherence to those rules.

  15. It is an article in which a Tribune Journalist is recounting the events at a City Council hearing on home equity pilot communities, of which Uptown and Edgewater where pilots at that time. The article ended with a more striking statement about Alderman Helen Shiller:

    "Having dealt with panic-peddlers and "redliners" with dignity and determination, we are not fazed by a few extreme alderwomen howling "racist."

  16. FYI, technology allows you catch-up and surpass my access to Nexis and years of living through and collecting documentation of Shiller extremism - at least as far as the Tribune is concerned.

    The Chicago Public Libary now has the Chicago Tribune searchable archive database online for free at its website All you need to access it from your home computer is a library ID. They do not have the entire Sun Times historical collection at this time.

    Search Shiller!

  17. It would be nice if "Alderman" Shiller put at least half the effort and concerns that she puts into the environment and address the neighbor crime, quality of life and beautification of the neighborhood for the residents of Uptown.

    It is shocking how the "Alderman" can ignore the plight of her ward, ignore the call for answers and ignore the cry for help by the residents.

    Having just returned to Chicago after 20 years I find it appalling and sad that as Chicago grew, cleaned up and improved the quality of life for most - somehow Uptown has not changed and has been ignored. I put the fault squarly at the feet of "Alderman" Shiller.

    The term of Alderman use to mean something in this city, it's ward and its people. For Shiller it seems to mean just a paycheck and self graditude.

    My partner and I look forward to the next election ....

  18. 2011 can't come soon enough to Uptown...

  19. Put a green roof on a subsidized housing building on top of a toxic waste dump.

    Put a parking garage for Truman students and park-&-drive next to a dangerous and dilapidated Wilson El station.

    Put a full-sized basketball court in the middle of a chidren's playground.

    Put more segregated low-income housing highrises on a blighted commercial street.

    Welcome to Shillerville.

  20. Enforce the Law. Follow the City Ordinances. Deliver City Services. Is that too much to ask from your Alderman?

  21. Yea that is interesting, anon 8:15. Don't offer to make improvements at the Wilson "L" station, but push for a new parking structure at Truman?!? How is THAT for environmentally "friendly"?

  22. Just how toxic is Wilson Yard? Once home to a CTA paint facility, a gas station and dry cleaners, this dirt is filled with lots of contaminants.

    How safe is the soil to build a subsidized high-rise? How sick could/will residents become if they live on top of this?

    No barrier can stop poisoning peoples' bodies.

  23. I wouldn't worry about it. They'll build it and hope for the best. Then, if G-d forbid people get sick everyone will sue the City. Shiller, now heading Daley's office of community environmental affairs, will help hammer out a settlement that will demolish WY and relocate the residents to new housing. And, being a bit elderly at this point she will remark, "Why are you coming after a poor old woman like me on this issue? I've always been against petroleum products because our country wages wars to get them. I can't be held responsible for a negligent drycleaner. We just didn't know when we built WY. It was important to do at the time. Why don't you really say what you mean---that you are against these poor families from having any home that might be near you."

  24. The site has been undergoing remediation and has to pass environmental testing. When that is done, it passes inspection and is determined to be safe. I didn't intend to scare anyone.

    The problem with these properties is that years later some unexpected new test or problem arises that the original testers did not find and remediate because the test or problem was unknown at that time. That is where the liability to the buyer comes in. If it passes inspection today, it is safe enough by today's standards.

    But take, for example, the 5 "Multiple Sclerosis cluster" communities of Morrison, Savanna, Perdue, Lewistown, and Paw Paw" in Central and Western Illinois. They have multiple times the normal incidence of multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrigs disease thought to be linked to EPA remediated waste from an ammunition depot, the Chicago Metropolitan Sanitary District, a fertilize company, a zinc smelter and an electrical plant. Persons living there don't think so much of toxic waste remediaton claims.

  25. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    --Margaret Mead