Friday, May 2, 2008

What's Your Alderman's Side Job?

Interested in what your alderman does on the side in addition to their $100k+ salary? Check out "Clout Street" here and scroll down to find your respective alderman.


  1. Um, did you notice that Shiller notes that 1248 W. Carmen is NOT her "principal place of residence."?

    Either she can't read the form (and if this simple question confuses her, yes, she's an idiot) or she's admitting that she does not, in fact, live there.

    Meaning, where in the ward DOES she live?

  2. If I understand that info correctly, Schiller does nothing in addition to already doing nothing.

  3. Why go out and work another job when people keep giving her campaign contributions (which she can pocket, by the way, if she doesn't run in 2011)?

  4. I have always wondered where she lived???

  5. Helen took out a large personal loan in the last election. I highly doubt she's pocketing campaign funds. She needed all the funds Holsten gave her and then some just to eek by with a just over a 700 vote lead. Those "James and his Klan..." flyers don't come cheap.

  6. Hello????? Alderman Shiller, your son is a lawyer and lives with you. Have him review your legal disclosure for legal inconsistancies.

    Alderman Shiller, your statement that you have Tenancy in Common on line 5 is the exact opposite of the asterisk statement below that says you have no ownership interest. As those pesky lawyers tend to say, "Were you lying then or are you lying now?"

    The Shiller double talk you tout in the neighborhood doesn't fly on a legal disclosure document, but it's nice for the rest of the world to see your contradictions in a signed, legal statement.

  7. If it is not her principal residence, then she committed vote fraud by voting there.

  8. I wonder if she took the homeowners tax exemption on that property if, in fact, she does not live there and does not own it.

  9. So, Alderman, you say you have an interest in Sam Toia. Didn't know you could own a person in the US.

    It appears that what you are trying to say that you have no interest in Sam Toia's Toia Building Properties entity but that Sam and you own something else together.

    Then, you disclose that you and Sam own the 1248 Carmen property together. However, first you say you own that property as tenants in common, then you say you own that property as partners. Those are two very different legal forms of co-ownership.

    SO, which is it, My Dear? And please be so kind as to fork over the name of any such partnership.

  10. Helen lives in Evanston.

  11. Where in Evanston? I didn't know that the People's Republic of the 46th Ward was part of Evanston!!

  12. My respect and love for Helen Shiller is well documented. I think about as much of her as I do my beloved President, Shrubya Bush.

    However, you folks are reading far too much into this.

    Her and Toia own 1248 Carmen. 1248 Carmen is a multi unit apartment building. Therefore it both is an isn't her principal residence.

    As for the semantics of partnership and tenancy in common the form can be confusing if you have a brain addled by years of illogic and nicotine. She is just trying to make clear that she and Toia own that property which is the intent of the disclosure law.

    Let's say Alderbeast Pirate owns and lives in a 3 flat. On the 1st floor he lives alone and friendless with his cat Muffy. On the 2nd floor he has a group of desperate and blind hookers who service his needs. On the the 3rd floor his loyal Woman Servant, Angela Joley, not to be confused with the actress of a similar name, lives.

    I'm sure Shiller's living situation is vaguely similar. She lives in one unit and rents out the others.

    As for her living in Evanston I have heard that before. Along with lots of other unproven stuff.

    Prove it or shut up.

    There is plenty of stuff to stick on Shiller because she is a rotten alderbeast. Stick to the stuff that can be proven and not the conjecture about her being the gal who runs into 7-11 to get Satan his smokes.

  13. Tax records indicate that NO homeowner's exemption has ever been taken on the carmen property-PIN#14083050450000

  14. Instead of just making stuff up why don't you freakin look.

    Probably a Shillerista supporter trying to make trouble.

    Next someone will claim she votes with the mayor. How likely is that?


    She HAS taken the homeowners exemption. Here is the paste and copy from the site.

    Cook County Exemption Information

    Property Index Number (PIN): 14-08-305-045-0000
    (This information is updated every Monday.)
    Click for Printable Version

    2003 2004 2005 2006
    Homeowner Exemption Received: YES

    Senior Citizen Exemption Received: NO NO NO NO

    Senior Freeze Exemption Received: NO NO NO NO

  15. Is it mandatory for an alderman to love in their ward?

  16. When Ald. Shiller acquired the house on Carmen, the ward boundaries were redrawn so she would live in the ward.

    As far as loving in the ward ... I need to go wash my brain out with soap.

  17. Is it mandatory for that love to be shared with the State Rep to the South?

  18. Guess I am never going to eat at Leona's again.