Friday, May 9, 2008

Visiting The Green Mill

There's an article and a short video on the Green Mill on Open Mic Travel, a video magazine.

Cool Things We Did Not Know:
  • The Green Mill used to take up the entire building, from the corner of Lawrence to north of where the Uptown Theatre is now.
  • It started as a roadhouse for people who were traveling to the "country" to attend burials at St. Boniface Cemetery.
  • The video is a couple years old, but it points out that someone had just shot a bullet through the front window of the Green Mill on Christmas Day, when it was (thankfully) closed and empty.


  1. Is the story that there was a tunnel from under the Mill to the lakefront and a waiting boat (so Al could make a quick getaway) a myth?

  2. I've seen a piece on the history channel that mentions The Green Mill. The tunnel just goes under the street to the East, not all the way to the lake. Just far enough to avoid the police raiding The Green Mill back in those times.

  3. I have friends who have been in the tunnel. It runs over to the Aragon.

  4. If you look behind the Fiesta Mexicana sign you'll see an old sign on the building that says "Green Mill Gardens."