Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Anti-Crime Rally Posters For Your Consideration

Two readers just sent in their own designs for the June 7 Anti-Crime Rally. Some had mentioned wanting posters with more design and color, so here you go (as always, click the poster to enlarge). We think you could head to Staples or Kinko's and print these off relatively inexpensively.

Update: For those uncomfortable with the flyer showing the face of Francis Oduro, another version of the poster has been added.


  1. Wonder if we will see these signs plastered all over the windows (with the bulletholes) of Shiller's office. Oh wait, there isn't enough room with all the useless garbage already up there.

  2. It makes me uneasy to use a victim's photo. Out of consideration for his family and his memory please don't, unless of course, they are participating and have given permission.

  3. Using a dead black kid to promote your hatred for Ald. Shiller. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. Excuse me here, I don't see any promotion of hatred of anyone or anything except the hatred of violence. You do hate violence, don't you?

  5. The photo personalizes it. The father spoke to the media which clues everyone that he's not keeping this private. Both posters are fine with me.

  6. what kind of innocent kid would you suggest we wait for to be murdered to be outraged over the crime in our neighborhood and the inaction of the alderman?

  7. This is so sad. This interview with Francis Oduro's dad says that he is moving back to Ghana for good, where his son will be buried. I can't say I blame him, but what a sad commentary on our society.

    Video Link

  8. How dare you, anonymous 1:58, keep the divisions alive by insinuating that Francis Oduro is somehow now a vehicle for people's hatred of Helen Shiller. Do you hate local residents so much that you think the majority of us are truly incapable of mourning the loss of someone who was shot down in cold blood and left for dead on our streets? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Anyone who reads this blog frequently knows that I never fail to hold back my harsh words about Shiller. However, every one of them is usually pointed around one single theme: she continues to squander her opportunities to heal this community and make improvements that would benefit everyone. Only in Uptown are lights in playlots, under El tracks and pedestrian friendly sidewalks political issues...etc...etc...

    If you bothered to care, you would have noted that Francis Oduro's father said his son was afraid of all of the violence here and wanted to go back to Ghana. Elsewhere on this blog, someone who says they live in Wolcott Properties says that the mother of the second victim moved her family away because she was afraid of the violence. At what point, praytell, will it be ok with you for everyone to stop pretending that this is acceptable?

    I personally "get" the reasons why Shiller thinks CAPS is a racist organization, why she supports Marc Kaplan and people who are always on the watch against police brutality and on and on. However, her ideological commitments are clearly clouding her judgment when it comes to the number of things she could be doing to make this a better place for everyone. Francis Oduro may very well been a "victim" of economic violence but who are you to say that was a far worse crime against him than the violent conditions which ultimately took his life? Maybe we should let him wait...we can't anymore.

    There is a way for all of us to come together after all these years of Shiller fanning the flames of hatred. If you can't abide it, please just get out of the way because there are many of us who are willing try.

  9. On the bottom poster, the photo of the door is found on the 1000 block of W. Wilson. As soon as they clean up the graffiti, more appears.

  10. I'm all for the rally, but am wary of using the photo in the flyer. Even though the cause is noble, there's an element of exploitation that irks me a little. I'd feel a whole lot better about it if I knew the family had OK'd it.

  11. Oh. My. God.

    The entire reason for this rally is that the violence in Uptown has resulted in an innocent bystander being murdered on our streets.

    And yet we aren't supposed to acknowledge him at a rally aimed at stopping the violence?

    If you don't like the flyer, don't print it out. There are two others.

    But I will use the one with Francis Oduro's photo, because he paid the ultimate price for the insane amount of lawlessness and violence that Uptown has seen in 2008.

    His shortened life is the result of Uptown's violence.

    His family's grief could so easily be ours.

    Putting his face on a poster is, in my opinion, a eulogy and a tribute.

  12. 10:19: I hope that members of his family, or friends from Marquette Park and Truman College, might be able to join the rally. Obviously, it would be best for those closest to the ones who died to be the ones to speak for themselves. This isn't the time for anyone to be putting words in anyone's mouths. This is a time for listening and focusing on what we all should want: a safer community.

    I hope my comments didn't come across as against everyone who questions using a recently deceased person's photograph on a flyer. In my opinion, that sort of comment is reasonable as is the simple point that Truman Square Neighbor makes: Oduro paid the ultimate price for the gun violence on our streets.

    With response to my verbose post, I was just super ticked off by a Shiller apologist taking yet another opportunity to stick up for "Helen the victim" when she is not the one who was gunned down in the streets. When will it ever be ok with these people to admit that the violent crime here is unacceptable and that whatever we are doing now is simply not enough?

  13. I too agree with leaving the victim's face off of the posters. Unless the victim's family personally gives ok, then it should NOT be used.

  14. Again, there are three very different flyers. Use the one you're comfortable with.

    My personal opinion: I think it's weird that we want to protest crime, but seeing the victim's face is uncomfortable and controversial.

  15. I do not think anyone came to this forum to find out what some anonymous posters comfort levels are with regard to posters.

    The same crap happened when the people from the crime blotter had their meet and greet. People complained about the god damn posters that were printed.

    This is stupid, rather than complain make another poster that you feel comfortable with, or set up your own event that falls more in line with your obviously very weak senses.

    If something does not change around here the next poster could have several pictures of dead kids on it, must I remind you that if not but for luck this poster could have had two pictures on it.

    Stop complaining and do something lazy residents of Uptown. Too many of you pontificate on items that are out of they're control because they do not take any self initiative and do anything other than post on here.

  16. Like you, anonymous 9:33? Your tone is so angry! People are allowed to have opinions, and if there is a concern about a poster announcing an event, maybe the democratic thing to do is consider everyone's POV without getting so pissed off. The things that often concern people usually have to do with an underlying ideological difference. It seems that many people don't particularly care to see or address the bigger social and politcal picture that contributes to much of what we see here in Uptown. They come across as naive, which is certainly no crime, but I for one, do not want to allign myself too closely with them if only for the reason that I do not think they are effective catalysts for change. As I have said before on this blog, I am getting really turned off by all the hate I keep coming across. I understand people are angry about the crime and corruption as am I, but hate clouds judgment and without good judgment, all the rallying in the world won't accomplish a thing. Instead, you get this knee-jerk mob mentality of shriekers who post their hateful rants anonymously. The more we tolerate respectfully stated opinions from other concerned residents, the more informed we all can be. Everyone should feel free to agree or disagree without feeling denigrated or attacked. Until Jesus Christ himself, Mohammed, or the Dalai Lama come to Uptown and tell us the right way to do things, I think it's good to have an open dialogue going. When it comes down to it, we are all on the same page. We just need to be better at remembering that.

  17. I"m with poster 933 !!
    NOT sugar magnolia

  18. That's assuming that these anonymous posts are genuine. They could all very easily be from the same person or from a few with a similar hidden agenda. It's not like that hasn't happened on this board numerous times before.

  19. There's a lot of vitriol here. But let's look at this logically. Those who say the entire reason for this rally is that someone lost a life, is not being honest with themselves.

    The reason for this rally, is because a lot of good people who are active in their community are tired of the state of things. The recent crime spree, street fights, gang activity and shootings are unacceptable. But are just the latest outrage.

    People are upset because they don't feel they have a voice in their neighborhood. They're upset because smart and needed development is thwarted, because lights don't get replaced, sink holes don't get filled and the powers that be could do something and don't.

    All good reasons to be upset.

    Holding the rally outside the alderman's office is taking an opportunity (crime spree) to raise vocal opposition to the way she runs the ward. It's certainly justifiable.

    But making a young African man your poster boy (literally) is opportunistic and will make everyone involved look bad. Your choice, but it's this very thing that actually loses support from people in this neighborhood who want to change things but don't feel the need to wage a war against Shiller.

    Don't invite criticism by the family of the deceased. Again, this runs counterproductive to what you're trying to do. Bring attention, affect change, don't play politics in the name of a dead boy.

  20. Laura, I'm not going to the rally because I'm sick of lights not being replaced, or because I don't think I have a voice in the community (although I certainly agree with those sentiments).

    I'm going because I'm sick of crime and gunfire and gangs and I'm terrified there's going to be another Francis Oduro, and another, and another.

    This rally is not political to me. It's a cry for help.

    Everyone is free to publicize the event as they see best. But Francis Oduro is the reason I'll be there and I don't see why we're so hesitant to show the face of the unchecked violence on our streets.

    You can still see the bloodstains on the sidewalk where Francis died. Do you think the 'bangers who killed him (and nearly did the same to the guy he was standing next to) gave a damn about "offending" the community? Uptown is practically in a state of war, and we're worried about someone not being comfortable seeing the latest victim's face.

    I realize Your Mileage May Vary (and probably does). Again, there are now four posters to choose from, and anyone else is free to add to them. I can't help but think all the energy being devoted to one poster could be better spent devoted to having a kick-ass rally.

  21. Thank you Laura for explaining!

    I'm for participating and standing up against the crime in Uptown. But I feel we can still make an impact without having the victim's face on the poster. It would be great if the family approved. But to do so without their approval and knowledge is rude and unethical. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  22. Sadly, Francis Oduro is the face of the innocent victim, the one we tried to prevent happening, but were ignored by our alderman, all the way to the top by our city's mayor.

    For years we've been saying this was going to happen. Just before the election Daley and Shiller had the nerve to stand in front of the community and say there wasn't a problem with violence or gangs in Uptown. And Shiller is still hiding.

    Francis Oduro really could have been any of us, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Any of us getting off the "L", or out walking our dogs, out for a jog. That's the scary part, and that there's a good chance this isn't the edn of it. We've still got the whole summer.

  23. UU - we should have a contest to see who can guess HS's statement, if she ever makes one about the crime in Uptown. My guess it will be close to "the southside had several shooting in one night. People here should not complain about one killing. It is one more killing than Heaven. Thats not too bad. This is the city, gangs killing people is part of city life. If you do not like it move to Heaven. One easy way is to hang out at Wilson El for a night and you just might go there. NOw go away bad apples if to grab a smoke and go home, it is almost 1PM and I have been here since noon ". the winner will get an all exepenses paid stay at the best hotel in Uptown for one night. The Wilson Men's Club.

  24. any one of you going to wear
    "bad apple" t shirts? Gotta look the part ...

  25. I think you already won the contest, anonymous! But did you really want to win the grand prize??!

  26. Hell yeah I am going wear something appropriate!

  27. Shiller had her window fixed just in time. Funny, It last a long time this time around. I suspect she rushed in time for the ralley. Also, Has anyone given the Tribune compnay directions to Uptown. I know they have no idea where it its. It is just past Wrigley Tibune, which you think is the end of the earth or city.

  28. So let me get this straight now.

    The use of a photo of an innocent murder victim is wrong. Seems to me some of you are more worked up over that than the dead student. His photo was in the newspapers and all over the news site son the web. His family obviously put it out there.

    Now being that he is black the photo is even more wrong? If he had been white would the photo have been more acceptable?

    Wait, no. Then the complaint would have been that the rally was being held because the victim was white and that black victims are ignored.

    Blah blah blah.

    The main issue is that an innocent was murdered on our streets. Period.

    I don't want to see any more violent death in Uptown.

    That's not racist. That's not classist. That's not "ist" "ist".

    It is merely being a decent human being.

    When people have to worry about violence it hurts everyone and the whole neighborhood. From toddlers whose parents fear letting them out front to the elderly who are stuck in their apartments because of fear.

    Simply put "it sucks on a metaphysical level" and it needs to be stopped.

    A rally ain't much, but it beats the hell outta what the alderman or the mayor are doing. Which is denying that a problem exists.

  29. Seriously, the people in this community are like the Democrat's their own worst enemy.

    You're protesting the alderman. Crime is the issue currently, but the protest is aimed at the alderman. It's not at the location where that boy was killed. It's not vigil, or a memorial or a fund raiser to honor him or effect some kind of change. It's a protest of the alderman.

    If the media comes, the stories will play like they always do: white residents scream and yell at the Alderman and the alderman will wave her hand and dismiss everyone as opportunistic.

    "The Oduro family was not present and when contacted by reporters, said they knew nothing about this rally."

    Even better, give the alderman a chance to say she's been in touch with them, blah, blah, blah.

    This is one reason why we never get her out. Going off all half cocked, alienating people, refusing to take advice about strategy. The neighborhood is like the Democrats in the last two presidential elections. Their own worst enemy.

    Why even go there? There's a ton of crime here, people have died. A lot of people. We don't feel safe. Protest that. Rally against that. Don't make a dead boy a mascot. It's unsavory and opens people up to criticism where there should be none.

    Truman Square Neighbor -- Odoro's death is not the only reason you're upset. You've posted on various boards here for years, and your viewpoints are well known and often shared. You do yourself -- and your causes and all the hard work you've put into this neighborhood -- a disservice to insist it's all about this one shooting.

    And Irish Pirate -- you're a clever guy but don't think that lets you simply dismiss differing points of view as aldermanic trolls. Quite the contrary.

  30. Truman Square Neighbor -- Odoro's death is not the only reason you're upset. You've posted on various boards here for years, and your viewpoints are well known and often shared. You do yourself -- and your causes and all the hard work you've put into this neighborhood -- a disservice to insist it's all about this one shooting.

    No argument that I'm upset about many conditions in the ward.

    But the thing that's getting me out to the rally is the fact that innocent victims are being gunned down on our streets. And that kids on the way to the playlot are finding guns on the street. And that I'm hearing gunfire nearly every night.

    The fact that there are other things I'm not happy about in this community doesn't weigh into it at all. The rally is, for me, purely about protesting the killings and shootings. I don't rally over lights being burned out and the alderman being non-responsive to community viewpoints.

    If a blonde 3-year-old girl had been gunned down in the same spot, would you feel showing her face at an anti-crime rally across the street from the place she died to be in bad taste?

    No one is forcing you to use a poster with Francis Oduro's face. In fact, UU is bending over backward to provide other options. To each his/her own. Please extend that same courtesy to me in choosing which poster I think is appropriate.

  31. UptownWriter,

    people not taking YOUR advice must irk you.


    You are right about me being clever though. And Sexy.

  32. I'm excited about the rally, but feel that using the young man's photo on ANY flier without consent of his family is in bad taste and unnecessarily opens our effort to criticism, whether fair or not.

  33. i have an idea. lets have a cub scout pack make a plaque to thank alderman helen shiller for all shes done to reduce crime in uptown. after the presentation we can give the kids a bead project in crack bags to take home with them to remind them of how nice and pleasant the neighbors were. no reminders of a recent crime in that plan. what do you say. whos with me?

    honestly i dont think we should mention crime on the posters at all either. that seems a little too over the edge to me and might be taken the wrong way by someone. it has a negative tone.

    and i dont feel comfortable calling it a rally. i think we should change the posters to read:

    a summer social gathering with neighbors to honor alderman alderman helen shiller.

  34. I'm 110% with you 10:29. I like the name you suggested and I know everyone in my big condo building would agree with me too.

    Let's be reasonable here. Negativity is just negative. Do we want our property values ruined by negativity? We need a message that is upbeat and is supportive of Alderman Helen Shiller. Didn't she come up with the idea for CAPS in the first place?

    Even if you don't agree with my sound and unshakable logic what if she has 40 letters of support for the job she does. There might even be someone there from the city to tell her how proud she is for sitting on the hot seat. Then won't we all look bad.

    You can all do what you wan't but I think there is an excellent idea here that should be considered.

  35. I am very hesitant to step into the fray here but there is some wisdom in what uptown writer has to say. It is sort of like that advice that your best friend gives you from time to time but you don't necessarily want to hear it because you've already made up your mind.

    We've got to face it. People here may think that they can just show up to a rally and say something simple like "violence kills" and that is the end of it. However, as someone who has crossed the Shiller brigade before that is probably not all that will happen. If there is a way for that simple sentiment to be turned into "you evil ignorant selfish people" it will be. I am not exactly sure how it will be done but when it happens all there will be to do is stand back in shock at how it happened.

    Shiller doesn't want to think that crime is high here because it isn't when you compare it to other neighborhoods in Chicago (mainly on the south and west sides.) I get the impression that she's not particularly swayed by the fact that the crime here is much higher than surrounding wards or even that that violence is simply unacceptable. And, Daley will support her to some extent. She is a loyal voter. So there you go.This is Uptown and the politics are a strange, strange beast.

    Some of us should get together ahead of time and organize this a bit more. There are just too many people who are interested in telling the "Helen Shiller, Champion of the Poor" VS. "Spoiled Brat Gentrifiers" (or whatever!) than actually taking anything we have to say seriously. We need to do this right the first time because I fear that this will not be the only shooting that will seriously hurt or kill someone on our streets this year.

  36. I have to agree with Uptown Writer and Another Student...

    Uptown = lots of well intentioned people who don't always think things through before doing something.

  37. Talked to my source inside the CPD today and he told me the gang violence is on the verge of all out war in Uptown. The gang at Sunny Side and Magnolia (25 members, est.) is at war with the Vice Lords from Sheridan and Wilson area. The Sunny side gang is responsible for the shooting on Broadway last week. I guess the Vice Lords are waiting on the higher ups to decide to join in. If they join in I am told that we shall be in for a violent summer with more shootings and more death.

    Also residents on Malden Between Sunnyside and Wilson should be aware that the Sunnyside/Magnolia gang has been using out street as a path of "safe" means to get to the lone public housing building left on the block. Also gang signs have been popping up all over the place now. Encourage people to paint over all signs ASAP

  38. Wow, Anon 10:58, this is amazing and frightening news. Thanks for posting it.

    There's got to be a way to get these gangs out of our neighborhood.

    A summer of gang warfare and more death. What a horrible thing to see on the horizon. How many more have to die -- gang members and innocent bystanders -- so these gangs can hold onto "turf"?

  39. FOR THOSE THAT GO TO CHURCH on Sunday, if you could share with your respective congregations about the Anti-Crime Rally, that would be great! Handing out flyers after service would be ideal!