Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shooting Near The Aragon

From the Sun-Times:

Man shot near Aragon Ballroom

An 18-year-old man was shot in the arm in a drive-by early Wednesday in the North Side’s Uptown neighborhood.

The shooting occurred about 2:35 a.m. at the 4800 block of North Winthrop Avenue when someone inside a dark-colored 1996 Buick Park Avenue fired shots at the man, who was outside, according to Lincoln District police Sgt. Patrick Barker, who was citing preliminary information.

A police detective car saw the shooting and began chasing the Buick, but lost it in the 4600 block of North Kenmore Avenue, according to Barker.

At 2:55 a.m., the 18-year-old was being treated on the scene with a gunshot wound to the arm.

After being shot, the man fled to the second floor of a building at the Winthrop Avenue address.

Any bets this is the infamous 4848 building?

UPDATE from PB at Uptown Crime Blotter: "Breaking news on this, a day care worker was taking kids to a park and found a gun on the ground at 4626 Kenmore probably the gun used in this incident. Evidence recovery units are on the way."


  1. Shiller voters out playing again

  2. I bet that if Shiller were in town and not in Vegas, she would issue a scathing statement on this recent violence.

  3. If you check out the Uptown Police Blotter blog, there were plenty of reports of "shots fired" earlier in the evening.

    Just the boys out having some fun, I guess.

    Last night at CAPS, a woman came to the meeting specifically to tell us that the homeowners and abusive cops were ruining Uptown by driving out people with families. From my point of view, it's gangbangers who are ruining Uptown for everyone, including the people with families. Whoever shot the young man last night, I'm guessing it wasn't a rogue condo board committee.

  4. To be honest, I don't need Shiller, or anyone else, issuing a "statement" about the violence. Talk is cheap.

    So, what if she did issue a press release denouncing the shooting? Big deal.

    I have a much bigger problem with her actions (or lack thereof) than her not making a statement or putting something on her website.

    And yes, last night I did notice quite a bit of "activity" in that general area.

  5. Website - How long have you lived here? You have to go to her window and read her statement. It will will be right around the bullet hole in her front window. You can also read about hard hitting issue of Uptwon like getting State ID for voter fraud. Btw you two can have many addresses in Uptown.

    I can't believe a gangbanger sent his MOM to the CAPS meeting. Or was it Shillers Aunt. A lil old lady can face the bad apples, but big powerful Shiller is scared.

  6. I'm not sure how you can lose a car on the 4600 block of North Kenmore ...?

  7. A little background on this woman: her 2 sons are currently incarcerated and are not allowed to visit her apartment. Per this mom at last night's CAPS meeting, CAPS is to blame for picking on the poor families.

    She managed to also blame Mr. Cappleman for the work he's done with UCC to help area property managers organize so that they can do a better job of screening their tenant applicants.

  8. Crazy - I actually heard the shots, saw a guy running north on Winthrop, and called it in. As I was on the phone, I saw the police "wagon" in pursuit up Winthrop. But it was one of those big wagons, as opposed to the cruisers, which arrived shortly thereafter, so maybe it wasn't nimble enough to keep up with the shooter's car (which I never saw)? I have to say, I was impressed by how quickly a bunch of police cars converged on the scene, even if they didn't find the guy.

    I'm not a fan of Shiller's, but I will say that pointing the finger at her for every little act of violence in Uptown doesn't seem helpful to me. We're stuck with her in the immediate future, so better to try to work around her, then vote her out in 3 years. Constant complaining just makes us (the readers of this blog and citizens of Uptown) look like we aren't trying very hard to find solutions.

  9. Add to the list that her grandson is also incarcerated while awaiting trial for aggravated robbery.

  10. No he did not come from 4848. He supposedly stole some drugs by Sheridan and Lawrence. Winthrop is where they caught up with him. The victim/offender also stated that he was trying to get to the el.

  11. Thanks, anon 10:17. Just curious where he ran to the second floor, per the report (if it's accurate). I just assumed he ran to where he lived there after he was shot.

  12. have you make your displeasure known to prince richie daley - remember, hs and prince richie have stated there is no crime in uptown ... call 744 5000 and let daley know that you are not pleased, ignore helen like she ignores you - go to the source, sooner or later prince richie will realize that when you lie with dogs you get fleas and hs is a flea monger

  13. truman square neigbhor - remember per hs, law abiding and respectful citizens have given up their rights to the chaos that is uptown - it's time to insist that the "broken window" theory of crime prevention be installed in uptown - don't accept this lady's idea of what is right

  14. Breaking news on this, a day care worker was taking kids to a park and found a gun on the ground at 4626 Kenmore probably the gun used in this incident. Evidence recovery units are on the way.

  15. The problem with adults in that playlot was also brought up at last night's CAPS meeting, but a COURAJ member started accusing people of picking on the poor again. Needless to say, this is the same playlot where 4 years has gone by and we can't get the park light fixed.

  16. The "picking on the poor" doesn't work anymore. At a recent CAPS meeting, Marc Kaplan, one of the last COURAJ members who's still alive, he started in with this old diversion tactic.

    Our CAPS facilitator told him to cut the crap and that ended that.

    Death of Smoochie at last.

  17. "I'm not a fan of Shiller's, but I will say that pointing the finger at her for every little act of violence in Uptown doesn't seem helpful to me."


  18. U are blind. She is a huge part of the overall crime in the area. How many Alderman have bullet holes in thier windows and do not even care about it. She is the main reason we have people in Uptown who have no respect for the hood they live in. Lead by example - that she does well. She takes all the credit in the world when she states the crime in low. She should also take creedit for the flip side. You are very blind if you cannot see that. The community would love for her to make a comment on people in her ward being shot at. Remember she live here also. Atleast speak out as a Uptowner. Whe is just getting up now, so good moring Shiller

  19. There are more gun sightings than Alderman sightings here

  20. The verbal attacks on Shiller are really just expressions of frustration and clearly people have reasons to feel frustrated. The added bonus is that we know someone in her office reads them and it needs to be kept being said so that she always knows we're on to her.

  21. How many times on the news have you seen South and West Side aldermen meeting with the police about crime? Marching with residents against crime?

    Our alderman's chief of staff shrugs "The only place there's no crime is Heaven."

    Our alderman was heard by many to say that CAPS is elitist. Our alderman cuts CAPS funding a few years back.

    Our alderman's son sues the police over evidence so flimsy you can see through it.

    I don't blame her for the crime, but I do blame her for not doing more to stop it.

  22. There were gunshots all the time on those streets back in the 60s. That was 40 years ago. One side of Magnolia south of Wilson had blacks on 1 side and Appalachian whites on the other. They would shoot at each other in broad daylight. I dated a girl who lived there and was scared to walk her home.It was like the Wild Wild West back then.The cops did absolutely nothing back then and do nothing now. No vested interest.
    A Couple of questions for all to ponder:
    Does anyone remember the Gaylords sect who controlled Sunnyside and Magnolia back in the 80s? I do. Now its the Vicelords.
    Ask yourself how many police officers and politicos(besides HS) live in Uptown versus Edgebrook
    AKA(Cops corner) or Norwood Park.......Is there a reason why there crime rates are lower?

  23. Altheperson


    It's interesting that the plain clothes "dectectives" spend most of their time harassing people like me...Iv'e been assaulted 3 x...going through my pockets, insulted with stupid questions like..."Do you work"? and on and on...or giving old winos the once over....but when they actually see a crime take place....

    THEY LOSE THE CAR???????

    How can that happen?

    It's because the cops and dectectives on the street don't want to confront anyone with a gun..they want to bother people who look harmless...and hope to find a joint or something....guns...they stay away from those people...

    You want to know why there is so much crime?

    Part of the reason is the COPS are not wanting to find anything too rough to handle.

  24. You want to know why there is so much crime?

    Part of the reason is the COPS are not wanting to find anything too rough to handle.

    So why does Shiller enable this? She is all about not hassling poor people or hassling people based on color. By not getting the cops focused on violent crime, all there is left to do is to hassle people about petty stuff. If the cops are "faking" doing any real police work, why is this allowed to happen? Poor people get hassled and mothers living in low-income housing lose their sons to gun violence on the streets. I thought this was exactly what she did NOT want to be happening?