Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shiller: 90% Of What We Do Is Responding To People On A Day-To-Day Basis

In light of the recent shootings and Shiller’s refusal to speak out, let’s not forget Shiller’s quote from one year ago featured in this Pioneer-Local story:

Her Quote:
"It's going to be different," said Alderman Helen Shiller, 46th, but not with the kind of fireworks some observers have predicted. While the new crop of aldermen are raising different issues, "they're serious about learning their jobs and being effective. And 90 percent of what we do is responding to people on a day-to-day basis.

"I think it's going to be more my kind of thoughtfulness," said Shiller, a 20-year council veteran.


  1. Shiller:

    "90% Of What We Do Is Responding To People On A Pay-To-Play Basis"

  2. THAT needs to go on a protest sign!!!

  3. Even when a Truman College student is shot dead in front of her office in the 4500 block of Broadway, she will not respond to our community.

    How sick is that?

  4. Logic 101

    1. Rule: 90% of what aldermen do on their jobs is respond to people

    2. Fact: Shiller refuses to respond people

    3. Rule applied to facts: Shiller doesn't do 90% of her aldermen's job.

    QUERY: Way should taxpayers pay Alderman Shiller if she won't do 90% of her job?

  5. wtf do you want her to say about the shooting

    why does it matter what she says?

    she is not the police nor a gang member nor can control violence.

  6. Isn't she pretty much a de facto gang member?

  7. wtf do you want her to say about the shooting

    why does it matter what she says?

    she is not the police nor a gang member nor can control violence.

    Actually, there's plenty that any alderman can do when a brutal murder happens in his/her ward:
    1. They can do what many aldermen already do and make a public statement that condemns the violence.
    2. They can attend CAPS or send a representative to every beat meeting within their ward in order to work with the police and the residents to become more proactive about addressing crime. (It might be as simple as working with Beat 2312 that waited 4 years to get a broken light fixed at Aster Playlot... the same playlot where a gun was found after a shooting last week.)
    3. They can take the lead with organizing positive loitering events to help neighbors connect with one another.
    4. They can encourage the managers of apartment buildings plagued by drug dealing to attend UCC's sponsored apartment managers project that seeks to utilize best practices to promote safety within their buildings.
    5. They can place more pressure on CHA and HUD to utilize best practices when it comes to managing their buildings.
    6. They can become proactive with the police and the schools to facilitate ways to discourage gang recruitment of students and improve student-police relations.
    7. They can put the time & location of the CAPS meetings on their website.
    8. They can encourage the building up of the local block clubs and also encourage businesses to join the block club within their area in order to foster a greater sense of community, which ultimately impacts crime.
    9. They can work with CTA and state representatives to be more proactive with making the L stops within their ward safer, especially if crime is really high at those stations.
    10. They can earmark funds for the use of surveillance cameras in crime hot spots within their ward.

    The list goes on and on. The community probably has many more ideas. They just need an avenue to help foster and develop them to make our neighborhood a safer place for all.

  8. Shiller had no problem making a public statement defending the use of crack bags, because the poor beaders in our community might criminalized for using those bags to keep their beads in. She also had no problem making a very public statement about crime at election time. The least she could do is make a public statement that she and many in the ward are upset and share condolences to the family.

  9. Perhaps Helen shouldn't have Denise write the condolence card. She would explain to the dad that his son is now in a place where there is no crime.

  10. well James when you become alderman I hope you are perfect and always handle every situation right and I want to see you out on the street every day, every street in Uptown patrolling it keeping the neighborhood safe.

    Has it occurred to anyone maybe the Mayor asked her not to say anything or the police? Maybe because the investigation is on going etc.

    I don't know but I get real tired of everything is Helen's fault or Daley's.

    I hope you get elected would love to see how it all works out for you.

    btw- we have a few more years so it's a broken record bashing Helen all the time and I voted for you I hope you fight hard next time to get it and make everything in Uptown perfect.

  11. The last argument is specious. If we saw Shiller trying and failing that'd be one thing, but fact is she's not even trying!!!!

  12. well James when you become alderman I hope you are perfect and always handle every situation right and I want to see you out on the street every day, every street in Uptown patrolling it keeping the neighborhood safe.

    Wny would he stop? I see James all the time now doing things to Uptown better. And he doesn't get paid to do it, it's all in his free time.

    I've seen him picking up trash at Clean-n-Green for the past four years. I saw him at the Sunnyside Mall meet and greet/positive loitering. I see him at block club meetings. I see him at CAPS meetings. I see him at events Mayor Daley sponsors to make block clubs more effective.

    After 20 years in the ward, the first time I EVER saw Alderman Shiller was on election day 2003, when I was a volunteer judge, and she came over and demanded to know how many people had voted in our precinct. I've seen her three times since. That's four times in 20 years.

    I see James at events to better Uptown at least four times a month. Every month. And that's because I'm the slacker, not him.

  13. Ald Helen Shiller never had a problem denoucing Community Policing as racists, working with Marc Kaplan (and now her live-in lawyer son) to file police brutality claims against the police, or demanding that the police not enforce laws and ordinances against certain people and on certain properties.

    So how does she now try to say their is this false line she cannot cross to comment on police or crime matters?

    It's that the two faced Shiller again.

  14. No the facts are you all sound like broken records and the system in the country is we hold elections and it sounds to me like James has sour grapes because he lost.

    There were a bunch of shooting in Chicago over the weekend by the way so lets blame Shiller for that too.

    I am no longer a supporter of James because he seems to want the job so bad and I am tired of all the negative bs in Uptown.

    I guess Alderman pays more than his current job.

    It's one thing to announce your intent to run for Alderman and run when an election is near but it is really suspicious to keep running after you lost.

    I don't even think Helen will run again and I would bet Daley appoints someone to her post prior to the next election and I bet it won't be James Cappleman.

    And an Alderman is not a dictator and can't force citizens and business to join block clubs or do shit unless they want to. Or unless they need zoning and then they can.

  15. When is the next election and going to run against her? Problem solved!

  16. sorry last poster re: election - most people couldn't be bothered to get out and vote... the "problem" is really rich daley - he controls everything in the city including helen - to be effective people need to start realizing that helen is a no body and all complaints, requests should go directly to daley. and since daley is a bully and can't take fair disent he will always blame us for the problems ..

  17. from anon 10:24
    "sour grapes" sounds a lot like bad apples. Maybe this poster could be a part of the Shiller administration...

  18. Hello everyone

    I see a lot of heated discussion on various topics here at UU and I notice that most of the 'heat' comes from "anonymous" posters. Has it ever been discussed to require a logged in ID to post, but allow anonymous folks to read at will?

    Just a thought...

  19. I don't even think Helen will run again and I would bet Daley appoints someone to her post prior to the next election and I bet it won't be James Cappleman.

    Oooh. Insider information from the bowels of the Shillerista regime! I hope Daley does that because it will only help prove to everyone how he is not at all interested in helping us build a mixed-income & multiethnic community on the north lakefront where we all can raise our families or grow old as the case may be.

    It is all politics 101: servicing his fat cat buddies by keeping homeless shelters & low-income housing out of their neighborhoods and delivering more and more projects and financing up to the so-called "lakefront liberals" who keep crying out for more subsidized housing and resources for the poor. It's genius. King Daley I pissed off the so-called liberals by wiping out impoverished communities and then King Daley II gets to come in and look like a savior to the groups who fought against his dad by pumping a bit of money into the newly configured ghettos. And all the while he gets applauded by "lakefront liberal" alderman AND the NIMBY alderman everywhere else. Genious, my boy...sheer genius!

  20. This has been a quite a busy day for this blog. As for my motive for the work I do in this community, for those who know me, I was a community activist way before I ever had an inkling to run for alderman and I imagine my work in this community won't change regardless of what happens in 2011. I have 7 brothers & sisters and they are pretty much the same as I when it comes to volunteer work. My twin brother was awarded Man of the Year in his hometown for starting up an after school program for kids during the same year I ran for alderman. My older brother left social work to become a priest. My straight sister is a huge advocate for gay rights in the public schools. My sister who is a nurse works with the disabled. My other sister was a missionary in Taiwan. My oldest brother does free tax work for the elderly while caring for his disabled daughter. My youngest brother hires men released from jail to help them get back into the community while he also cares for a disabled son.

    I've read campaign literature from Helen Shiller that describes me as a racist, as one who is against all job training, against all affordable housing, and one who wanted to round up the neighborhood children and have them arrested on sight. There is one woman who tells her neighbors that I'm anti-poor because I helped jump start a project that encourages apartment managers to meet and share best practices in managing their apartments.

    I'm convinced that people will believe whatever they want to believe. And I also know that I will continue to be labeled all kinds of things that are untrue. Whatever is said, it won't stop me from doing what I do. As a matter of fact, it makes me more committed to keep doing it.

  21. James - You should not dignify the barbs w/ a reply - actions speak louder than words, and going to meetings - as a long time resident of the 46th ward, picking up garbage, walking around the 'hood" is an effective way to counter act the negative behavior of the "real bad apples" - hs can not stand to see people do things to improve the area, so if you really want o irritate hs, grab a bag and pick of trash on a regular basis, call 311 when lights are out, call 911 when you see something a miss, get to know your neigbhors, and if the spirit moves you, go to a block club meeting,

  22. Too bad those bullets did not go into her window of her office, maybe then she would get off her lazy butt and DO something.