Monday, May 19, 2008

Quiet On The Set

Today Public Enemies filmed at Bridgeview Bank, and we're a little bit starstruck. Kind of cool to be able to brag about Uptown's movie stars without explaining about Bronco Billy and Essanay Studios. No offense to Uptown's storied past as a motion picture hub... but Johnny Depp has a little more name recognition.
A reader sent in this summary and these photos from today's set:

A little after 10pm at the lot at the corner of Winthrop and Lawrence, Depp's bodyguard had the ~35 people there to form a single-file line and Johnny will shake hands and take pictures, but no autographs. They were extremely nice, and even apologized for the "no autograph" policy. He said they are not allowed to, because the later they stay out, the later they have to start up in the morning.

I showed up around 9pm to check out the local filming, but I overheard a few people saying that they had been there since 6am, and a lot of 8am'ers as well. One girl was from Nebraska and many were from an hour+ away. Cool to live so close.

Our thanks to our anonymous reader for sharing the photos and his experience with us.


  1. Great pictures! I walked past earlier in the day and there was such a great buzz around the area. It was really fun!

  2. Looks cool. I think another post said they were coming back to this general area in June. Anyone have any info on this?

  3. June 2-4 at Aragon and Kinetic is what I heard.