Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now And Then

Top: 4730 N Sheridan Road, currently home to "Alternatives," a youth center serving children and young adults.
Bottom: The "Lakeside Theatre" in 1964. According to "Cinema Treasures," the theatre opened in 1915 and at one time sat over 1,000 patrons. It closed in the mid 1960's, as the photo depicts, and was bought by the dance center of Columbia College in 1970. Nowadays, Alternatives calls it home.
(photo credit: Landmarks and Legends of Uptown)


  1. YOu should have cropped the shot back about 3 feet to capture the fire hydrant painted lavender / purple thanks to the Alternatives Youth Program.

  2. Interesting... two totally different styles and I really like both of them.

  3. "Interesting... two totally different styles and I really like both of them."

    Those were my thoughts exactly! It's amazing how our concept of art and beauty evolves and changes over time I think.

    Pretty sweet mural.

  4. I really like that you can still see the sockets where the original marquee lighting was when this building was a stage theatre (I added a picture in close-up).

    It's a pity that the crown (if that's what it's called) of the original building was lopped off somewhere along the way.

  5. The lighting wasn't from the marquee, exactly; it's called Stud Lighting when it's in the building's facade. The removed part would properly be called a pediment, and was a parapet wall (nothing behind it). They're often removed due to structural instability; this happened a couple years ago to the former theater up at Clark and Devon that is now a hardware store. And more obviously at the Uptown.

    You can see at the original at that it was still there when Columbia started out. Some photos I took before Alternatives show it was gone when Columbia left.

    Photo credit should really go to Landmarks and Legends of Uptown, from which I scanned.

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    Your photos of Uptown are amazing. Keep up the good work.

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