Sunday, May 11, 2008

Long Before 'Rainbo Village' There Was 'Rainbo Gardens'

From "Jazz Age Chicago"
Rainbo Gardens
4812-4836 North Clark Street
Opened ca. 1920

Host to a variety of amusements and some of the early twentieth century's best-known celebrities, Fred Mann's Rainbo Gardens was one of Chicago's premier entertainment venues. Located at 4812-36 North Clark Street, Rainbo Gardens lured patrons from across the city with its eclectic mix of traditional vaudeville acts, trendy jazz bands, extreme sports events, and easy-going dance and liquor policies.
(photo credit: Chicago Daily News Archive)


  1. I remember going ice skating here as a kid, probably about 15 versions of the Rainbo after the photo!

  2. How about that dead body they dug out of the cement when they started construction on the new condos!

  3. 11:24 are you serious?!

  4. That's right! I'd forgotten. It wasn't a 1930s-era body either... I think it was wearing adidas sneakers.

    From the Tribune in December 2003: "Almost a week after construction crews demolishing the former Rainbo Roller Center found human bones in the rink's basement, Chicago police on Tuesday discovered more bones at the North Side site."

  5. How about an update on what's going on at the Rainbo Village? Panera still coming?

  6. So sad! I used to go to the Gay Skate night there. The best part was that the bar (yes, they had one!) was at the very tippy-top of the skating rink! You'd have to climb up all these huge steps in your skates just to get to the bar....then, with drink in hand, work your way back down the stairs. Priceless!

    And the skeletons in the basement were fun, too!

  7. Any update about the human remains found here?