Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Housing Court Date For 820-826 Cuyler, August 7

A reader sent in the following info from Area 3 CAPS Building Coordinator Meg Gillman:
The next court date is August 7, Daley Center - Room 1111 at 9:30am. The owner (Jorge Petroni) must arrange for an interior inspection prior to the next court date. There are still a number of building violations; the owner is applying for the necessary permits. Previously, the owner was told to do a better job of tenant screening and a better job of managing the building in general. The owner installed a fence at the back of his property. Improved security measures such as cameras were discussed, but Corporation Counsel Judy Dever's advice to the owner has been to focus on getting the building violations fixed. Neighbors have been calling 911 to report suspicious persons and suspected gang and drug activity, and they should continue to call 911. Corporation Counsel's staff will meet with the owner to discuss problem tenants and suspected gang activity outside the building. DGHES Counsel Judy Dever had previously encouraged the owner to attend Beat meetings and U-Haul Task Force meetings. I plan to attend the hearing and look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to contact me by phone at (312) 744-4247 or on my cell phone at (773) 820-2223. Thank you!

Meg Gillman
Area 3 CAPS Building Coordinator


  1. I am so glade to hear this property is on your radar, I live one block north of Cyler on Clarendon. This is one street I will never walk down alone after dark. A neighbor was beat up by 4 guys on Cyler walking home late one night this past winter. He ended up going to the hospital for a few stitches.

  2. Thanks for the early notice. It is now on my calendar!

  3. Reminder: If you can attend this housing court session, please do so. Also, any info from the hearing can be added in this post.

  4. I am a resident of Buena Park and live on Cuyler Ave and would appreciate any updates to this Court Date.