Wednesday, May 7, 2008

City Workers Behaving Badly

We wish we understood the irresistible urge to park on 800-900 West Wilson Avenue sidewalks. The concept is not difficult: Cars and trucks park on streets; people linger on sidewalks. Yet, in this stretch of Uptown, the roles are often reversed.

Just as we’ve gotten the Community Housing Partner’s contractors off the walkways, the City of Chicago’s General Service vans have taken up the sidewalk parking trend. They are not responding to emergencies. No, they’ve just been installing new cable / wiring at the Uptown Neighborhood Public Health Center for past two months.

It’s time for these city workers and their outside contractors to set a better example and comply with their employer’s laws.


  1. You know, I am really upset to see this over and over again. I often remark how the sidewalks on Lawrence are very narrow and that those conditions do not promote pedestrian safety and comfort. Why should we have VANS repeatedly parked on the few wide pedestrian pathways we actually have in this neighborhood?

    Think about how scary it would be to a child to have to walk by these vans. By the time I was about 12 I knew enough to stay away from vans because someone could just open up as you walk by and pull you inside. Surely most Uptown kids are streets smart enough to be cautious and afraid of such conditions too.

    Is there any chance in the world that we could raise money and get some planters there or something so that there isn't room for cars but there is ample room for pedestrians? Could this be a proect for Business Partners? Why are such basic things...that will benefit flippin' hard to achieve in Uptown??

  2. Just went down Wilson. Nothing parked on sidewalk.

  3. Slash the tires, if they complain quote the Alderman's office that "heaven is the only place without crime"

  4. I agree with slash the tires. Maybe even smash the windows and spray paint the sides. If they complain, maybe their supervisor would ask "Why were you parked on the sidewalk in the 1st place you lazy bum?"