Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are Chicago Aldermen Killing Live Music?

By Jim DeRogatis, Pop Music Critic

In a poorly designed attempt to rein in underground party promoters in response to the E2 tragedy in 2003, the City Council is rushing to pass legislation that will make it more difficult and sometimes impossible for responsible concert organizers to present music at many legitimate licensed venues in Chicago.

In comments that have been echoed in hundreds of posts throughout the blogosphere and dozens of angry phone calls to aldermen since the so-called "promoter's ordinance" was approved last week by the Committee on License and Consumer Protection, activists from the Chicago Music Commission lashed out at the law and said they plan to protest it before the City Council vote on Wednesday.
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  1. The vote has been pushed back until next month so they can weigh the consequences.

    The main problem is that every time something bad and embarrassing happens the city attempts to find an overreaching legislative solution.

    Huge number of drunk post college kids overload a porch and it goes kaput and we must therefore change the building code!

    Dumbasses start a stampede at a club and we must legislate against all clubs.

    There are changes that can be made to reduce the chances of bad stuff happening, but you can't legislate maturity and you can't wave your magic wand and eliminate all bad stuff.

    Typically, the city and the mayor almost always overreact.

  2. http://blogs.suntimes.com/derogatis/2008/05/update_promoters_ordinance_tab.html#more

  3. Same thing happened with the Fire Safety Ordinance. A downtown fire in a government building needlessly killed workers so City Council passed one of the most restrictive ordinances in the country that has drastically driven up costs of maintaining the older highrises. Around 2% of deadly fires occur in highrises.

  4. funny that the aldercreatures won't demand that homeless shelters have licenses or that the operators of shelters have adequate insurance - vote all aldercreatures out and start over

  5. Chicago Tonight hosted Jim D. and Ald. Corderas (splg may be wrong) last night.

    Jim very tactfully pointed out that the E2 fire and deaths would never have occured if the city had enforced the slew of ordinances that already are in place.

    Corderas looked like a fool. Unprepared, unable to explain the reasoning for this ordinance.

    It's really scary to think these 50 bobble heads wield so much power.

    So slapping another ordinance does nothing but chock the live entertainment industry and bring in more city revenue.

  6. It is very hard for clubs to offer live music....they have to pay a 2.000 fee to get a liscence....
    altheperson Says:
    It seems the alderman are interested in corporate only shows...that is big venues where the promoter can afford to pay the fees.

    You can see the best musicians in the country at the Green Mill or Katerinas and pay only 5 to 10 dollars or you can pay 100.00 to see overly hyped average musicians at the gigantic venues....

    I am a musician

  7. It does not effect the smaller music venues like Schubas,Green Mill, Kinetic, Double door,Metro and many others in Chicago. Those places have in-house booking. What it does do is stop the so-called promoter who just wants to do a nite...It is mainly directed at Dance Clubs with Djs and plenty of unscrupulous promoters that only care about the high-cover charge. They do not care about the quality of the people. Thats why all of the problems. Tell me the last time, if ever. You have heard of a shooting at one of the live music(not djs) events at any of the Chicago area venues.Unfortuntely the main problem is the type of music believe it or not. Remeber all of the Lake street problems---The main thing was Thug Rap and Hip-Hop. You cater to crap you get crap.(gang-bangers)Now the promoters will be held accountable the same as the venue. Not really a bad-deal.