Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Room With A View

A nice view of Uptown from Clarendon, yesterday.


  1. Oh look! The vacant Columbus-Maryville site with its huge parking lot. What another wonderful site for Gigi Pritkzer and Mayor Daley to site the controversial Children's Museum that no one wants in Grant park.

    If they really want to service those poor, diverse, little kiddies next to a park, well.. there you go.

  2. Interesting that all the high rise buildings in the pictures are government subsidized rentals.

  3. That raises and interesting point. Initially, highrises were supposed to be limited to the Lakefront. When did things get changed so that they could go so far West of Broadway? It was only special zoning exceptions for govt buildings that were made exceptions and just in this area.

    Will we soon see a forest of highrises stretching west to Ashland?

  4. I can just envision a swanky black-tie dinner with Chicago's upper crust (because we know that is what the Children's Museum really wants space for) with Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords shooting it out at Clarendon Park and Weiss, again.