Friday, April 11, 2008

Want To Stop Labor Ready? Drink Up!

Raise a glass and help make Labor Ready's Uptown plans toast! UCC (Uptown Chicago Commission) sends us this:

You are invited to attend a FUND-RAISER to support the Litigation Fund to STOP Labor Ready, on Thursday, April 17th, at 7 p.m., at NICK's on Wilson, 1140 West Wilson Avenue, across from Truman College.

$20 at the door. Cash bar, but there will be drink specials galore!

Come out and enjoy the spring weather (?), see your neighbors, and support a good cause - a win-win for everyone!


  1. I can't attend the event this weekend. However I would like to contribute to this cause. Where can I send a donation to?

  2. Please make a pledge to our legal fund today. Gifts are tax deductible and may be made payable to

    The Uptown Chicago Commission

    937 W. Lakeside Place

    Chicago, Illinois 60640

  3. To be honest, I don't understand how this contribution or fund will help. Please sell me on this, and I will make an appropriate contribution.

  4. Seems silly to use an alcohol fueled event as an attempt to better the neighborhood. Why not something that promotes the attendance of whole families?

  5. Because this is not a family event. It's a fundraiser and when this type of thing was done before at Nick's, it was jammed packed. It's also a great way for like-minded people to connect with one another.

  6. How will this contribution help?

    Plenty. The chance for Labor Ready to drop out and find another site that doesn't require a zoning change go up considerably if a lawsuit is filed. Labor Ready cannot afford the time, effort, reputation and cost to go through a lawsuit.

  7. I'm sure if another establishment offered to host a family event, UCC would hold one. I doubt this is about exclusion as much as it is grabbing an opportunity to raise some much needed money.

  8. Thanks for the good idea, anon 3:39. A lot of us involved with STOP LABOR READY have young families, so we will consider doing a family friendly event as well. (No need to get a babysitter!) Do you have any ideas? We'll start thinking too. Send your ideas to And, better yet, let us know if you might be willing to get involved and help organize one!

    The idea behind the Nick's event was to make it a "fun-raiser" as well and to get people to enjoy one of our local businesses.

    As for the person who needed to be "sold" a bit more, we suggest that you go to to read about how all this went down (i.e., Chicago "due process" at work), and the history of for-profit day labor in Uptown. You are probably well aware of the community's sentiment that the zoning ordinance should have been upheld because this business is incompatible with the mixed-use nature of the block: 2 schools, a playlot, a youth center, senior residences, etc. We have goals for the way we want to use this space (even more child-friendly & pedestrian-friendly) and we have been struggling with getting businesses in the boarded up storefronts.

    While the site suggests what will be the basis of our legal challenge, our lawyers are still reviewing the case. It will be an administrative review in the Circuit Court of Cook County. We will be represented by experienced zoning attorneys who have worked on this kind of thing before.

    There are many issues going on in Chicago which affect all of us and this is just one of them. If you feel like your voice isn't being heard, join your neighbors who feel the same way and demand to be heard. No one can take your rights away unless you let them.

    Please join us & STOP LABOR READY!

  9. Sometimes I am blown away with ignorant people. Choosing to keep a business out of a town because it does not fit in with the "suburbs" and the people that have been dealt a better hand in life and or now have a handle on life. Why don't people like you do something to help individuals with struggles instead of have a fundraiser to eliminate jobs for the less fortunate. I am not saying that Labor employees flawless people, but in those big houses and successful businesses there are criminals everywhere. This world needs a little compasion and if you can't seem to find it in your heart maybe God will allow you to be humbled in your life time and if I were you, I would pray for that.

  10. I will pray for you, as well.

    Please see that this is not about the "suburbs." This is not about helping the working poor.

    If you read about Labor Ready, you will see that they are a multi-billion dollar corporation who get their money on the backs of the working poor. They are exploiters. Day labor was driven out of Uptown in the 1970s by activist groups because they were bad for the working poor. They charge workers for everything from transporting them to job sites to cashing their checks. At the end of the day, laborers have been at work 10-12 hours and are lucky to bring home $30. Meanwhile, Labor Ready keeps its stockholders happy with big profits.

    A bad, bad exploiter of the poor.

  11. Are you providing any jobs for the "poor?" Exactly!! Why don't you spend some time in the industry and see how many meals Labor Ready has provided, by being the bridge for employees and employers. Oh yeah did you know that Labor Ready has no buyouts or required days worked before an employee can be hired on by a company...oh yeah they are HORRIBLE. Every company has bumps in the road, but the big picture is Labor Ready has helped many and only the ungreatful would not appreciate the fact that they could make money legally when they don't have a job, find a company to potentionally work for, and eat that day. If you can look at the big picture you just might see a different view. All companies are in business for a profit, how dare you try to make Labor Ready feel bad for coming up with. a profitable solution for the unemployed and employers in need of employees. I am not angry I just know the truth. I live it!