Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Uptown Raises $20,000 For Labor Ready Litigation"

News-Star: "Residents getting ready to rumble"

By LORRAINE SWANSON, Editor, April 23, 2008

Uptown residents opposed to the site of a day labor office at 4830 N. Sheridan Road have raised $20,000 to file an administrative appeal and attempt to overturn the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals' decision to grant a special-use permit to Labor Ready Inc.

The Uptown Chicago Commission, the umbrella organization representing the neighborhood's block clubs, hosted a fundraiser last week at Nick's on Wilson, at 1140 W. Wilson Ave.

Residents from both the 46th and 48th Wards stuffed $3,000 into the coffers during the April 11 fundraiser, the last dollars needed to begin staging an administrative appeal.

Read the details of the lawsuit and the rest of the article here.


  1. Thats impressive!

  2. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting over what to have for lunch.

    Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.

  3. I especially appreciated this quote:

    I don't think the Gunnison group was telling them about the positive impact we can have in Uptown," said Burke.

    I am pretty sure that in addition to not needing Labor Ready we also don't need anyone else around here saying that regular residents are just a bunch of liars. Last time I checked, my government and my tax dollars were supposed to represent the voters fairly---not a large corporation. Labor Ready has millions of dollars they can use to create commercials. They shouldn't expect my legislators, my local zoning board and my judicial system to be commercials for them too.

  4. It is nice to see that some in the media are paying attention to this type of thing. When a community raises 20,000 bucks for a cause it must be an important one. I wonder if Helen is a little surprised that “Bad Apples” can get organized so quickly.

  5. People in Uptown will freely give money to make this a better place for everyone. Speaking as someone who did donate money, however, I wish that we didn't have to spend the money on a legal challenge.

    Let's make a deal. How about we talk to one another and acknowledge that everyone in the community deserves to be treated fairly. Working from such a grounding, we will be able to agree that reasonable people sometimes disagree but that the ultimate goal is to make Uptown the best community for all who live here. Then, we can call on one another for whatever help we need---whether it be fundraising, addressing special issues, whatever.

    That sounds to me like the building blocks for a successful and vibrant community.

  6. Looks like the people of Uptown are ready to take back their neighborhood and stop the constant dumping of social service agencies, SROs, shelters, Meth clinics and more of the same that makes Uptown the blighted and gang infested community it is.

    Now are you ready to tackle that nightmare called Wilson Yard?

    Has there ever been two simultaneous law suits filed within an alderman's ward?

    Are you ready to make history?

  7. Lawsuit for Wilson Yard? Sounds good to me - on what grounds? Once we STOP LABOR READY (one battle at a time - please) - why not fight WY?

    I know there's a massive heap of problems with the project, but what is the legal grouds upon which we can object? Can anyone offer one? I'm behind you and will give money, time, work the streets, advocate, pray - you name it - but we need to GET ORGANIZED. UCC is among the leading organizations in the SLR fight - but that is and has taken serious effort and time. What person, people or organization will be the spearhead to STOP WILSON YARD?

    I'm all ears! Let's hear some feedback!

  8. I see the tide turning in Chicago where Daley isn't getting what he and his cronies want.

    In a rebuke to the Chicago Park District, a judge Friday afternoon handed a partial victory to a citizens’ group that has been fighting the district’s deal with Latin School of Chicago to build a soccer field in Lincoln Park

    Looks like if Citizens organize and sue they win sometimes.

    And I wonder how the museum in Grant Park will turn out?

  9. It would be nice if our politicians would respect us enough so we didn't have to raise money to file lawsuits, though. It shouldn't have to go that far so often in order for everyday citizens to be heard.

  10. Could you imagine any other alderman in the entire city that would let it get to this point? Any?

  11. No, I can't. But our alderman doesn't need our good will, positive public opinion or votes. Mayor Daley delivered the votes to her on a silver platter in exchange for her fealty. Apparently, we are a negligible constituency and they should continue ignoring us in the next election too. Unless...

  12. Unless what? A recall? Oh, do tell!