Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Seems Even More Relevant Now


  1. Sort of like The Beatles.

  2. LMFAO! In fairness, though, I thought she said something like, "some people want to live in Lincoln Park or something...that is not what this is."

    I know the sentiment is "move to Lincoln Park" but does anyone have the actual quote?

    After all these years her nightmare has come true---it is now more expensive for poor people to live in Uptown than in Lincoln Park!!! The only solution to this problem is to redirect the Wilson Yard TIF money to purchase market-rate scattered site housing for people throughout the city. It is a win-win for everyone. Low-income residents can own rockin' homes in safer parts of the City and the overall costs to taxpayers are reduced.

  3. It's all her fault that people piss in the alley. NOT!

    Last week I was getting off the Red Line at Belmont and some guy wiped it out at 5:15 and started peeing right on Belmont before heading down the alley still peeing with it hanging out and a trail of piss following him. One guy in dress slacks thought he got pissed on too.

    If you could afford to move to Lincoln Park you would or if you could afford to live anywhere else in Chicago. If I hated Uptown so much I would move.

    We all know there is some truth to the blog but also a lot of distortions of quotes and actually happenings.

    By trying to bash Helen you are actually helping her as people start to see how ridiculous it is to blame her for everything.

    I am sure if you were really a community leader you won't hide behind bloggs.


  4. RJR: The video is just humorous political commentary, just like a political cartoon. If it were a balanced discussion of the issues and concerns, it would be some other form of political expression.

    Some people think its funny, others don't. That is the risk in political humor. However, astute Uptown residents should recognize the kernels of truth within this video.

  5. "If I hated Uptown so much I would move."

    Bad assumption, rjr. I *love* this neighborhood, its diversity and its friendliness.

    What I don't love is the system that allows corruption and blight to flourish.

    Uptown's greatest asset is its people. And some of those people, like UU and many who post here, choose to stick around and try to make Uptown better, rather than leaving for another neighborhood.

    I've been here 20 years, and my family's been here for four generations. I'm not going ANYWHERE. I'm not of the mindset of "love it or leave it," as you seem to think. If someone or some place I love needs my help, I'll be there to try to help.

  6. From a 2/9/07 Reader article, just after the Aldermanic Debate:

    "The moderator asked both candidates how they would work to ease tensions among the ethnic and racial groups in the ward.

    “I think actually we have far less tension than people would make it seem like,” said Shiller.

    “I believe my opponent has emphasized our differences,” said Cappleman. “If you disagree with her, she’s likely to remind you to move to Lincoln Park.”

    “I don’t think I’ve ever said that,” Shiller said a little later.

    At that there were gasps and groans from Cappleman’s supporters. Shiller looked annoyed. “I said that there are some people who want Uptown to be Lincoln Park,” she said. “But it’s different. It’s a diverse area, and it’s unique—and we want to keep that uniqueness.”

    Actually neither candidate got the quote quite right. In August 2004 a Tribune reporter asked Shiller to respond to critics who said she was creating too much housing for low-income residents. She answered, “Maybe they want to live in Lincoln Park. That’s not what this is.”

  7. I've gotta say to whoever made this, I have gone back and clicked on it a few times. All of the smooches for Daley, etc., just makes me laugh. I gotta laugh to keep from crying, I guess. So many people who live here are so creative and intelligent and willing to stand up for what they believe in. (That goes for both sides of most issues.) I wish we could just see more of that energy challenged into things that everyone can get behind.

    Anywhoo, thanks for the funny!