Friday, April 11, 2008

Shiller: 'Reporters Have Hidden Agendas'

Is that why she won't talk to any of them?
Read all about it at the Tribune.


  1. Yeah, like anything she published in her own Justice Graphics Company newspapers were free of bias and hidden agendas! Not!

    Did the Pot just call the Kettle black?

    Or, did the Pot just call the clear Corning Glassware black?

  2. I listened to the meeting over the internets, and heard the honorable Helen Shiller do some of her best stand up routine to date.

    Using the opportunity of recognizing the retirement of a long time and seemingly well liked city hall reporter, St. Helen launched into a "they're all against me except for you" rant.

    The Trib basically has it right, but she went longer and further (shocking, we know!) down the backhanded compliment path.

    Let the freaking guy retire in peace. Christ. But no. It's all about Helen and the vast voter and media conspiracy against her.

    20+ years of listening to Helen's bullshit had to be capped off with one last squeeze of her cheeks.

  3. Shiller had better talk to Marilyn Katz, her personal image consultant, about that. They go WAY BACK to their activist days in the Harold Washington / Black Panther / Slime Coleman hey day.

    Oops, Marilyn at MK Communications is too busy this week working as lobbyist for hire for Cindy Pritzker (and Daley) to shove a Children's Museum down Grant Park's throat.

    Oh, Oh, Oh, more "Six Degrees of Separation" to explain Shiller's recent pro-museum vote.

    And isn't Marilyn Katz the lobbyist who wanted Shiller to introduce the highly effective City Council Vote to End the Iraq War? And isn't Marilyn Katz the lobbyist behind Daley's and Shiller's recyling initiatives?

    Gee, looks like Shiller has a few lobbyist hidden agendas of her own. A looks at her D-2's confirms.

    Now, I wonder if Marilyn had anything to do with Catholic School Girls Against the Iraq War that bloodied the Catholic Church a few weeks ago.

  4. the Chicago aldermen's image problem is the press, not the 27 convictions since 1972

  5. It's remarkable how similar the
    2-helens look alike, yet how different they are in holding politicians accountable.

  6. That is interesting observation, anonymous. I think they were trying to show a reporter who asks the hard questions to someone who doesn't want to hear them...a la Helen Thomas and George Bush.

  7. Is there a transcript anywhere of Shiller's comments, get dr. phil?

    You gotta feel sorry for the one politician in America who is getting clobbered by BOTH the vast right-wing and vast left-wing conspiracies in this country. That is a big burden. So glad that she is willing to stay on the hot seat!