Friday, April 25, 2008

Saturday: Uptown Rocks!

This Saturday is a chance to meet neighbors and like-minded folks from the community. Uptown rocks hard with (at least) FOUR separate events. We think they're all community-generated, meaning they're happening because Uptown residents decided to get active and make a difference instead of complaining about the way things are. We're lucky to live in such a vibrant, active community.

If you end up sitting at home reading about it on the computer ... don't. Get out there. Make a difference. There's something for everyone going on this Saturday, April 26th:
  • Uptown Goes Green, sponsored by Uptown Neighborhood Council. 10am-2pm @ St. John's Assyrian Church, 1421 W. Lawrence. Lots of different seminars about how to leave a smaller footprint on the earth. An entire schedule of speakers and topics.

  • Positive Loitering at Public Storage, 10:30 a.m., 4050 N. Broadway. Bring the dog, bring your honey, hang out at one of Uptown's longstanding problem sites with lots of neighbors and police. Details here.

  • Meet-N-Greet at the Sunnyside Mall, 1-3 pm, Malden and Sunnyside. If you need details, you haven't been reading this blog! Brought to you by the fine folks at the Chicago Uptown Crime Blotter blog.

  • Public Safety Seminar presented by CAPS and Clarendon Park Neighbors. We don't have a lot of details, but we think it has to do with establishing a neighborhood watch. 3-5 pm at Clarendon Park Fieldhouse, 4501 Clarendon, where CAPS meetings are held. If someone knows more details, can you please post them in the comments section?

So that's it, Uptown! Have a fun and productive Saturday. Get out, get involved.


  1. Uptown Update rocks as well, how else could this community come together for these events this efficiently?

  2. thanks uu - but could everyone also contact rich daley and let him know that his support for the gangs is hollow if he continues to support shiller and her ilk - I am so annoyed with daley and his hysterics about gangs and violence - I believe the only reason his in now concerned about gangs is that he is worried that his olympic bid may be affected.
    How else can he come up to uptown and stand shoulder to should with helen and lie? daley and shiller two evil democrats

  3. I had the same thought as I read the Sun Times today. If he is so concerned about violence in Chicago how can he tolerate those who work for his City Government and refuse to be part of any lasting changes. Helen is not the only alderman who falls into this category but since I live in her ward she is the one I am most concerned about. Violence Prevention 101 dictates that everyone needs to acknowledge the problem and take part in the solution. I don’t mind when Helen or Mr. Mayor disagree with what needs to happen as long as we can all agree that SOMETHING needs to change. She does not even seen to want to go that far unless you count her offices’ suggestion about going to Heaven, “The only place were crime does not exist.”

  4. It's interesting that 3 of the 4 Uptown events are focused on reducing the increased violence in our community.

    Thank God we have so many folks who do care about safety in Uptown.

  5. Maybe that is her solution, uptown vegetarian. "All condo owners go to heaven (or hell)if they are not willing to go the Lincoln Park."

  6. That was so offensive, anonymous 3:51. I hope you feel better now and you got your anger out. I understand because I used to write nasty letters to ex-boyfriends in high school and that made me feel better. But I never sent them. If the Uptown Updater decides to remove your post (which I hope he will consider doing), I hope you won't complain. Just think about it like a nasty letter your wrote but had the good sense not to send.

  7. How did the UHAUL event go?