Thursday, April 3, 2008

Overlooked Real Estate For Labor Ready

Some savvy Uptowners have come across some overlooked real estate opportunities for Labor Ready, and they are even in the coveted 60640 zip code. The photos above show one of the vacant spots in question and the other photo shows how the surrounding industrial corridor looks in this area.

There are 2 Hull House sites - in the 4200 and 4400 blocks of Ravenswood. The Montrose Brown Line stop is situated between them. The CTA bus lines run across Lawrence, Montrose and Irving Park. And the Metra North Lines runs through the middle of the street, with a stop at Lawrence.

And as we all know, Labor Ready could locate here by right, without issuance of a special use permit.

Special notice should be taken that the 4400 block of Ravenswood is within the 60640 zip code. The site two blocks south is in 60613.

Seems LR based its whole location rationale upon the zipcode 60640. Now there is a better choice which fits the same demographics. We encourage Labor Ready to send their "real estate scouts" to this area immediately or call 773-728-9769, ext. 17. Notifying the Alderman's office of these great locations couldn't hurt as well.


  1. I guess the powers-that-be didn't want to help produce any revenue for Hull House did they? Its much better for Labor Ready's money to go to a $250 campaign contributor than one of the oldest and most well-respected social service agencies in Chicago and in the nation.

  2. This is in Schulter's ward which means it won't happen. He listen's to his constituents.

  3. Day labor agencies are allowed in manufacturing districts. Schulter can't prohibit a legal business from operating in a permitted area. He'd have to change the zoning ordinance for the entire City of Chicago to keep them out.