Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Official Reaction To The Violence

Starting Friday, April 18th, Uptown has had
  • a riot at the Wilson el stop
  • numerous gang-related shootings
  • an extremely high number of 911 calls to report "shots fired"

Police reports were coming in so fast on Monday, April 21st, that the people listening to the police scanners couldn't keep up with the calls.

The residents are angry and frightened. They're organizing, creating their own rallies, and vocal about how unacceptable this situation is.

This is the alderman's response, updated April 21st, to the violence and chaos that's taking place, literally, right outside her office:


  1. Has anyone spoken to her office about these violent events? In the past I have gotten "we are not part of law enforcement therefore it is not our responsibility you should contact the police." Just wondering if they plan to attend any of the positive loitering/met your neighbor’s events this weekend? Maybe a CAPS meeting prior to the month before the next election.

    But regardless if anyone from her office attends, thanks to everyone else in the community that will participate in some of the upcoming events. Either on Sunnyside, the Uhaul Positive Loitering or the next CAPS meetings.

  2. Disgusting, inexcuseable, pathetic, sad, irresponsible.

    Not only are those words that can be used to describe the criminals that surround us and terrorize us in Uptown but these words are also synonymous with our alderman's lack of attention to and her lack of connection with people in the district. 1 week into the warm weather season and these issues are already going far beyond race, employment, mixed housing projects, SEWER REHAB PROJECTS, etc....the immediate issue is the life saftey of people who live in this area!

    I have often wondered how terrible it would be to live in Bahgdad as a law abiding Iraqi trying to survive and make a living in the country they love, I dont feel I am out of line by saying that we are getting dangerously close to the same type of circumstances that many Iraqis face daily...

  3. What if we were to have a special uptown momento. Something a kevlar vest that said uptown resident (where it would normally say swat or fbi). I think this could be a safe and fun way to interact with the community.

  4. I feel we are getting close to the same mobs that exist in Iraq taking justice/self protection into their own hands. We may be one innocent death away from street justice. It already tried to happen when there were a mob of people with bats over near Clarendon Park a few days ago that only dispersed when there were shots fired.

  5. Her whole website is a joke. Some great knowledge that I picked up while browsing it:

    "It has always been my philosophy that the best way to resolve conflicts and to find solutions to problems is to bring together all people affected, to listen to all voices, and then to create a vision that encompasses all perspectives—starting from the perspective of those most affected by the issue at hand.....There are development examples such as the process involving the developers of the New York or the process that resulted in the Wilson Yard TIF."

    "One violent act is one violent act too many. And, our community still suffers from sporadic incidents of crime and violence. Our focus, and our strategy has worked, however. And it is for this reason, that I believe it will continue to work."

    " have continually met with the 20th and 23rd District Commanders, as they have identified hot-spots, targeted those hot-spots and eliminated criminal activity in those hot-spots. This is not to say that I advocate broad-brush actions that often result from knee-jerk reactions to incidents of violence. In fact, I believe that broad-brush actions are often counter-productive and inefficient. I constantly stress to the District Commanders my belief that profiling is an ineffective form of crime enforcement. The most effective form is identifying specific individuals and targeting those specific individuals."

    "When Helen Shiller first became Alderman she detailed a vision for the Ward that included bringing in more government services, attracting more private investment, and improving the commercial opportunities for area residents, all while maintaining the ward's affordability and diversity. Twenty years later, the 46th Ward has become a model of balanced development."

    I took me a while to stop laughing as well...

  6. Lets picket Helen's office. Why does she continue to get away with inactivity. After the meet n greet at the mall we should all walk to her office and hang out there until she addresses the situation.

  7. Maybe we need to create a phone tree to flood the alderman's office until she responds to something. This is astonishing! Is she protecting someone? How is it possible that she can completely ignore the increase in violence that is occuring here every day? To pass the buck and call it a law enforcement issue is about as antithetical to having a safe community as it gets. Isn't she supposed to work WITH the police to improve the community? What is the point of having organizations like CAPS that were established to create a liason between members of the community and the police. The idea is for everyone (including aldermen!)to work together--everyone, except of course the criminals who perpetrate the crimes that law abiding citizens are fighting. Maybe the line between who IS a criminal and who ISN'T is the problem here. Maybe the Black P. Stone Rangers made her an honorary member in some secret ceremony we all didn't hear about.

  8. I did send over an email to her office yesterday - since I work all day I don't have much time for more than emails and a few phone calls. But the response was that if I provided my phone number she would have her chief of staff call me since she's in regular contact with the police. I did not have a chance to speak with anyone, but hoping to make some time soon to speak with them and find out what they have to say.

  9. I'm thinking a gargantuan microphone, podium and accompanying speakers made of paper mache left outside the ward office facing outwards to the neighborhood would send a good message. Maybe a huge poster reading "we're listening..."

  10. She clearly doesn't give a fuck! When is the next election?

  11. Unfortunately the next election is 3 years away. I say shame on us for not being more proactive in the last election. I'm sure a lot of people on this blog didn't go out and vote. We could've been rid of the alderbeast and working with Cappleman to make a better uptown.

  12. Does she realize the internet exists?'s a media form easily and quickly distribute information to people...shhh. Does she think we don't KNOW what's going on in the neighborhood? I drive to the gym on a daily basis because I'm scared of walking down Hazel with my wife! Does that say something about the neighborhood?

    No response whatsoever, not even to say she's aware of it, is beyond incompetent. It ought to border on criminal for passively allowing it to occur. As it's w/in, what, 50 steps of her office? Isn't this the 2nd fight in a few weeks?

    And unless you've been to Iraq as a soldier or former civilian, it's pretty disingenious to make those comparisons...just saying.

  13. The reason we don't see Shiller around is because she knows she wouldn't be safe on the streets.

  14. Shiller is never around. She posts office hours and then her office happens to be closed when you go by. Of course, that is what she likes. Keep the generations dependent on the government. For over twenty years Shiller has pushed through ineffective socialized programs that don't work. She needs to keep her base in poverty, and, therefore, intact.

  15. The following is what I have now sent twice to Shillerss office.
    This is a copy of the following message you sent to Alderman Shiller's 46th Ward Service Office via Alderman Helen Shiller, 46th Ward

    This is an enquiry e-mail via

    I sent the following yesterday, and have not received a response. Could someone please respond to the following...
    Alderman Shiller's Office,
    Is the Alderman aware of the recent gang voilence in her ward? Does she have any plans to do anything about this?
    Can she attend the CAPS meeting for the 23rd district on May 6th?
    I will not let my 2 small children go play at Broncho Billy playlot after 3 p.m.
    I have lived on Racine/Sunnyside for over three years and have been qutie surprised to witness open drug deals and gang activity on a daily basis recently. I am fed up.
    Any input you can provide would be much appreciated.

  16. Shiller has aligned herself with the gangs, or more importantly the families of the gang members. Her empathy for those that perpetuate crime and violence is incomprehensible. A little like trying to understand the mind of serial killer.

    We will have to bring peace to Uptown in spite of Shiller. She will never be an ally for peace or public safety and justice.

    Uptown is volcano ready to erupt, will it be the gangs? Or will it be the citizens who want a safe place to live?

    Once again, if you don't belong to your block club, join now. Get involved. Go to CAPS. Meet your neighbors, get block watches set up, identify the hot spots and come up with ideas for making these places uncomfortable for the gangs.

    And whatever you do, don't expect anything but utter silence from Shiller.

  17. seems like we have tried to get her out twice now, but somone keeps voting her back into office. As long as the continues, you can picket all you want. She's not going to do anything

  18. but somone keeps voting her back into office

    And DA MARE was there with money and machine workers to make sure that he could collect his votes in city council whenever he needs them. She is a phony sell-out and Mayor Daley will not be forgiven for what he has allowed to happen.

  19. People of Uptown, I have discovered the answer.;_ylt=AroWE5LBb50vl8anLmQAoCWs0NUE

    It is a high pitched noise, that only teens and young adults can hear that is meant to stop loitering. Already hard at work in New York.

  20. as a follow up to the above post, cut and past the link to read the article

  21. I am perplexed at the fact she is still an Alderman. I need someone to explain how she hasn't lost an election in over 20yrs. We all know she has her thugs and cronies working for her and has support of a mayor who never steps foot in the neighborhood to actually see the piss poor job she is doing. So what is it? How is it possible? Someone give me an education on Aldermanic politics. How bad does an area have to get before someone steps in and does something? Are we just being sucker punched by bad Chicago politics?

  22. I would like to see the ballots from the last election. If the city is trying to crack down on corrupt cops, whose to say there hasn't been any shady polling in place. Is there a lawyer in the bunch??

  23. Dan - she accepts low standards for the downtroden and low income families who have no where else to go. Then she threatens them to either vote for her or the new candidate will take away their gov't sponsored housing. She operates out of fear. She also has a large population of homeless that are bused in, with voter cards registered to the numerous shelters and the Wilson Club Hotel, to vote for her.

    Daley and the alderman tolerate her because she takes allows low standards for low income people in her ward - the exact people they don't want in their neighborhoods. They are NIMBY and she is a poverty pimp.

  24. My wife talked to Shiller's office and they were more than helpful. Here were some of the lovely quotes

    "The only neighborhood without crime is heaven"

    "We're a pretty lucky neighborhood because we've only had gunshots and nobody has died. There have been deaths in other parts of the city"

    "There really isn't much the Alderman can do, these issues are much bigger than the Alderman. The city really needs to fund some more programs"

    "We(the Aldermans office) tries not to talk about these issues because they're so polarizing"

  25. And in return for her vote, Daley lets her do whatever she wants....For instance our Mayor specifically state the other day that mixed income housing on the former cabrini green site is "a major step toward ending decades of isolation and segregation.
    It will also create a new neighborhood with good schools, jobs and shopping." So, what is good for one neighborhood in Chicago, is not good for another? Or is it that he lets Shiller do whatever she wants in exchange for her unconditional support?

  26. I just spoke with Denise Davis, Ald. Shiller's Chief of Staff. She seems like a very nice woman and I would suggest if you'd like to confirm or deny any information, you can talk with her. This said, the position of our alderman is that there is not really an issue. She told me the area is 150% better than it was in the 80's and 90's and gunshots here and there are not a big deal. After all "The only community where there is no crime is heaven". There will not be a rep from the office at the CAPS meetings (but she said they do meet separately with the police) and they are not planning on officially attending the Sunnyside Mall outing on Saturday. She may stop by because she lives in the neighborhood.

  27. In regards to the original post, Ms. Davis said that sharing too much information is polarizing, could decrease property values, and could jeopardize police investigations. This is why there is continued silence and inaction from the 46th ward alderman and staff.

  28. "a major step toward ending decades of isolation and segregation."

    Yeah. Segregation that King Daley I was a principle player in creating when he tried to "protect" Bridgeport from the growing poverty in African American communities on the south side.

    Now that Daley II wants some of that land back he is more than willing to redistribute low-income residents to neighborhoods on the west side and here, because our alderman invites them in.

    Helen Shiller, have you learned nothing from history or your own activism on these issues? You fought against Daley I but now you are an enabler to his son. Your silence, your inaction and your backroom deals are enabling the continued socio-economic segregation of one of the nation's most segregated cities.

    Independent former radical my a**.

  29. Ms. Davis said that sharing too much information is polarizing, could decrease property values

    It is only polarizing because of the discourse that Shiller and her cronies create around here. Other neighborhoods can find a way to agree that kids getting killed and falling into a dead-end life of crime and drugs isn't good for anybody.

    I will agree that various parts of this community have different perspectives on gangs (i.e., if members of your family are in one you may not fear them so much, are able to see some good aspects about them & tend to fear police brutality more)...but this is exactly why we need some leadership on this issue and not silence!

    And, finally, as to my property values...why don't you let me decide whether or not I want to worry about that. As far as I am concerned, if I could walk the streets in safety and not have to dodge bullets and baseball bats then I think my property values will be ok. I value my life and the life of my children more.

  30. "The only community where there is no crime is heaven".

    Is that her way of saying that if we don't want to move to Lincoln Park we should try heaven as an alternative?

  31. The only time Ms. Davis from Shiller's office ever showed up at one of my CAPS meetings, about 10 other people who never come to our CAPS meeting showed up. Magically, all these new people did was disrupt the meeting so the real issues couldn't be addressed.

    Later, a long time Uptown resident told me about "Shiller plants", whose sole purpose is to disrupt the meeting so nothing is accomplished.

  32. Sorry for the triple post, but Ms. Davis also said that the 23rd ward (police district) has the lowest crime in the city. Can someone easily confirm or deny this?

  33. The 23rd ward does have low crime because it extends on down through Lincoln Park. If you look closely at the statistics, however, most of the violent crime/drug crime happens in the Uptown area. In addition, Uptown is divided between two districts. I believe Lawrence is the dividing line (or thereabouts) between the 23rd and the 20th. Does anyone know if this was purposefully done after the Summerdale scandal?

    I have been trying to create "Uptown" crime figures but it is tedious work because you have to deal with 2 districts and crimes are available from the police department in 2 week intervals.

    Shiller sees what she wants to see when it comes to crime in Uptown.

  34. Who are Uptown's community leaders? We have the alderman but I'm not sure who else. Clergy, community activists, educators, gangs? Who can fill the void gangs fill?

  35. Shiller most likely views gangs as street level activists. At one time, that wasn't a totally inappropriate characterization. However, around the time of the crack epidemic in the 1980s, gangs went "corporate" and now they are becoming global. To see gangs as street level activists today is to be overly romantic about what gangs are nowadays.

    I wouldn't say that local clergy are a big help around here although there are clergy on the south and west sides who are active on this issue because gang violence is devastating their communities.

    Look at the membership of O.N.E. That is where we should be drawing strength. It is not happening.

  36. I've heard Shiller uses gangbangers as her ground troops during elections.


  37. To say that a riot in front of the Wilson el, a vigilante group walking down Sheridan with baseball bats, at least two shootings, and a night of gunfire is an acceptable level of violence is mind-blowing.

    And "too much information" is a bad thing!

    These people are FREAKING INSANE.

  38. Shiller probably likes this kind of violence. She figures it will scare off potential home buyers and make current owners mover.

    Don't let this violence, as well has her BS attitude scare you!

  39. Saskia,

    Crime stats and mapping available to the public at this URL:

    020 and 023 are seperated by Lawrence Avenue.

    Trust me, Gangs were never really "social activists" but merely opportunistic and charismatic criminals.

  40. Isn't she the one that spoke for the alderman and called us 'Bad Apples'?

    since 4/11/1997

  41. Wow she makes more than a college professor at a city or state college!

  42. If there is anyone complaining about Helen and didn't vote in the last election, I would be curious to hear why you didn't vote but still feel the right to complain.

  43. is also a good resource for crime statistics based on location.

  44. Is anyone outside of Uptown paying attention to this???

    Here is a list of Tribune Metro reporters. Write an email saying that Alderman Shiller can't ignore violence in her neighborhood. Send to every one of these people.

    Honestly I don't know why reporters aren't all over this. This is the kind of story which, once someone blows it open, will totally make their career as a journalist.

    Tribune reporters:

    alexa aguilar:
    General Assignment Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Azam Ahmed, General Assignment Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Robert Becker, Investigations Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Laurie Cohen, Investigations Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Emma Fitzsimmons

    Ray Gibson, Investigations Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Ron Grossman, Urban Affairs Reporter/Writer, Metro

    David Heitzmann, General Assignment Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Rex Huppke, General Assignment Reporter/Writer, Metro

    James Janega, General Assignment, Metro

    Kristen Kridel, General Assignment, Metro

    Todd Lighty, Investigations Reporter, Metro

    John McCormick, Political Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Dan Mihalopoulous, Political Reporter, Metro

    Mary Owen, General Assignment

    Rick Pearson, Political Writer, Metro

    Thomas Rybarczyk, Reporter, Metro

    Steven Schmadeke, Reporter, Metro

    Bob Secter, Special Assignment Reporter/Writer, Metro

    Tina Shah, Reporter, Metro

    Ernest Torriero, General Assignment, Metro

    Megan Twohey, Reporter, Metro

    Denease Williams, Reporter, Metro News

  45. I didn't live in the neighborhood during the last election. I can assure you, however, that if I had, I would not have voted for her. Apparently, my former condo board said she actually came to visit our 7 units to ask for our votes! (Before I bought my place). I would have loved to have been here at that time. I have written her several times but have been told they will not allow my e-mails through directly to her. How can I be assisted by a staff member. I insisted that the e-mail, addressed to her, asking for a meeting time, be sent. This, as well as a meeting request, wsa denied. Does anyone know if she is still alive? 5 years ago I lived in Washington DC and met more political bigwigs than I can remember, yet cannot set up a meeting with my own alderman.(nor get an e-mail through. I have written her office (Michaela, who is only semi-literate), regarding this latest wave of violence, and the lack of police response.

  46. Once labeled a bad apple, you will remain a bad apple in her eyes.

    The Labor Ready dilemma and WY fiasco have started to make waves outside the ward and others are now noticing her style of governance for the first time. I say she's on a ship that has sprung a leak from hitting 2 icebergs and may not be able to stay afloat by 2011.

  47. We need to make sure she doesn't just do a figurative "scorched earth" thing before she leaves.

    I'm not as concerned about what happens the next election as I am about what happens in the next year.

    Truman parking: residents pay for it through TIF funds, and pay to park there. Students all free

    Wilson Yard: more! more! more! poorly thought out urban planning, even though every single authoritative original backer has pulled out of the plan.

    Labor Ready: way to stick it to the retail corridors.

    Crime, riots, shootings: "We don't get involved with that."

    2011 seems far away. We need to stop her from destroying the ward in the time she has left in office.

  48. If Stop Labor Ready was able to raise $20,000 for its litigation efforts, think what an organized litigation fundraising campaign could for Wilson Yard?

    The Labor Ready issue is an important one, but pales in comparison to Wilson Yard, which will likely play an exponentially larger role in shaping the neighborhood in the years and even decades to come. The stakes are so much higher.

  49. The sad thing is, Shiller didn't even arrange for the Sewer project. One would have hoped that she or the city finally decided to do the right thing and spend some money on the problem sewer problems identified by the TIF study. But, alas no.

    This sewer project is solely the result of a inspection problem identified years ago that has finally made its way to the top of the Water Dept repair list.

  50. Anonymous, you and I see the issues of Uptown so much alike. The Kevlar vest idea is great! Were do I sign up. I have 3 dogs and would like to start an evening and/or weekend dog walk patrol with fellow dog owners. Anyone interested?

  51. From the Aldermans website:

    "We brought CAPS to the 46th Ward six months prior to the rest of the city. Unfortunately, in recent years CAPS participation has dwindled. If CAPS is going to continue to be a truly effective tool, all members of the community must participate."

    That includes you Helen!!! Aren't you a member of our community????

  52. Yesturday morning I did my usual nod and good morning to a very nice young woman at the Wilson Ave. El were we have seen each other most mornings since I moved from Clarendon and Lakeside to a my new home on Dover near Montrose this past December. I decided to finally introduce myself and within moments she shared information of the two most recent shootings in our area and the El riot story. Totally surprised I said that I did not hear anything about it on the news. As luck would have it, side by side seats became available and we continued our conversation of the decline of our neighborhood and her details that one of the shootings took place outside her apartment. My day was spent being sheathing mad at this woman who is allowed to be an Alderman.

    If we can get Shiller out of office I know we can get change for Uptown. As most are aware, she has a non-responsive office. I have had my own dealings when the murder took place at 818 W. Lakeside last year, I lived in the building, and has ask her office, and was assured that a representative was going to attend the next CAPS meeting. Ms. Shiller was in Florida. When said representative did not show, I called the office and was told there was representation from the Shiller office there. I begged to differ with Ms. Ward Office Bad Phone Answer and argued that it was specifically asked if anyone from her office was present during the meeting, and they weren't. To make the story even longer, one person in the office said that a person even "signed" for being present at the meeting and after my repeated blocking of the constant change in the story of how, who and when someone was actually there, they set the phone down and refused to talk. I'm a health guy and I can work a redial button as fast as anyone, they continually picked up the phone and not even knowing it was me, place the phone down and laughed "it's that guy", ....."he is nuts". This went on for over 40 minutes. Finally some a**h**e came on the the phone and said "you don't tell us how to run our office" and hung up.

    But, I digress.

    Neighbors, our community is under siege. I rent and I am made as hell. If you own or have invested in Uptown, you should really be MAD AS HELL! I am all for good old-fashioned picketing, phone calls. Somebody has to have a nice and tight media contact to get a Strong and Loud group of us picketing outside the Shiller offices in the news. Heck, forget the office, picket at the El, the epicenter of the most recent activity. "We are mad as hell and we all know Helen Shiller HAS to GO!"

    Asking, reason and pleading with this "woman" does absolutely nothing. Lets take it to the street, to the public and our city.

    Now that that is off of my chest, I don't believe in political correctness and know I come across brash, but we can blog all we want to about this woman and it is not going to change anything. We end up just invisible voices behind a keyboard. I want to help effect change and make Uptown a proud, safe and clean community. I am happy to be a voice, I am willing to get down and dirty, and give it 110%.

    Who amongst us; with a good political head and better temper than I, can lead?

    Thank you for letting me vent.

    FRUSTRATED and Spitting Mad

  53. Here is what I learned at a CAPS meeting how they determine crime rates in Chicago...

    They count up the number of arrests made. That's it.

    Does that take into consideration the number of 911 calls that are received? -"No." Can we see that information Sheriff? -"Um, don't have that available to me right now, but I can get it to you."

    So, that means that you don't look at the number of 911 calls, how many of those you responded to, and then how many arrests were made as a result of said 911 calls into factor when you determine whether or not our ward has the lowest crime? "Um, no. That wouldn't be the most reliable data because we can't determine if a 911 call is a prank or legitimate, stammer stammer stammer."

    I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this.

    I find it absolutely incredulous that any Alderman can state that gun fire is ok since Uptown has gotten so much better. Yes, the neighborhood has improved (thanks to more citizens who have moved in to the neighborhood, bought homes and make 911 calls and refuse to be bullied by gangs and an ignorant Alderman).

    It's more than gunfire and Shiller knows it. People are getting murdered within blocks of her office, and she has nothing to say except 'Let's build Cabrini Green here in 46th!'

    She thinks she's some great crusader for the poor, but her practices only repeat the mistakes of Daley I, concentrating low-income people into one confine area always has been, and always will be a BAD idea. But other Alderman and the Mayor are all for it in the 46th, because that helps make Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Bucktown and the Loop THAT much more attractive to buyers because hey, who cares about Uptown?

    We care about Uptown Shiller... it's a shame you so obviously don't. Hey, can you tell me how I can get a job there so I can make a living off of taxpayers while doing absolutely NOTHING for my constituents and still get paid? Obviously you got that trick on lock!

  54. Shiller is a joke. People have to move to send their kids to a decent school, dodge gangs just to pick up to-go food, and pay taxes on property that is in it's self just a big gravel pit. Shame on the people that put her back in office.

  55. Alderman Shiller, we of the majority of Uptown community residents support you!
    There are about 10 pathetic people who regularly post on this forum.
    You always win your elections for very good reason. The majority of Uptown residents know that you are doing good work. I am sure you know that there are a few residents in Uptown who never really come up with logical reasons for their arguments. These are the idiots of the community...the idiots of the Uptown community forum! Go Shiller!

  56. "There are about 10 pathetic people who regularly post on this forum."

    You may want to ponder this:
    UU is just over a year old and very soon will have had over 300,000 hits. I don't know how many hits Shiller's website has received during this same time period, but I bet it's probably less than 1% of that.

    If your aim is to convince others how wonderful Shiller is, you'll have to try a little harder on this board. But I'm curious, why is it that you believe she's been a good alderman? I'm asking because I am guessing most informed residents who do a tad bit of critical thinking before they vote believe she is an embarrassment to City Council.

    By the way, in her 20+ years in office, none of her colleagues ever appointed her to head up any committees. Does it ever make you wonder why?

  57. Since I regularly post here, I guess that means I am pathetic. I've been called worse things.

    Almost every time I post, however, I hope in vain that "a pro-Shiller" person will read what I have read and truly engage in the discussion and the topic at hand. That hardly ever happens and when it does we don't get new information or new interpretations of the same issue. (I guess not learning from my failed efforts does make me pathetic...but I will keep on anyway.)

    You are right that a lot of people have voted for Shiller. Plenty of them spend time on the internet. Why does the only presence I see here amount to name calling and provocation and becomes reasoned and reasonable statements of how others think and feel?

  58. Because Helen hires these local hippie kids to stir things up. They are the same people that come to meetings and shout names and not facts, knock on the doors of the section 8 housing on the morning of elections, and live in Gene's ward a few blocks over. I would venture to say most of Helens supporters do not have internet access. I don't hate the woman, she is what the whole of Chicago politics have become. That is why we are the highest taxed, highest gas prices and over double the murder rate of NY & LA. It's liberal fighting Liberal.

    We fight about gay marriage yet do nothing about the 70% illegitimacy rate in the black community that leads to the gangs, drugs, and shooting. We fight to keep guns out of the good guys hands while making it easier for the bad guys to get them. We ask for the help of the Chicago PD, yet splash huge cover stories on the paper when one of them screws up. Ironic?

    The yong ma who got killed came to America for a better life. The one who lived comes from section 8(thanks tax payers) and will be taken care of via SS (Thanks tax payers). Got to love that system. Ironic?

    -Uptown Dad

  59. In response to this poor Anonymous soul:

    Alderman Shiller, we of the majority of Uptown community residents support you!
    There are about 10 pathetic people who regularly post on this forum.
    You always win your elections for very good reason. The majority of Uptown residents know that you are doing good work. I am sure you know that there are a few residents in Uptown who never really come up with logical reasons for their arguments. These are the idiots of the community...the idiots of the Uptown community forum! Go Shiller!


  60. Has anyone checked with the city to see how we can get her out of office.. Impeachment.. I believe at this point we should be able to do something. Maybe I'm wrong but she needs to go.. She has been given enough years to show us she doesn't really care.

  61. The people you vote for are to blame as are the people who voted for them dont blame the results blame the causes like George Bush Sr. (Head of the CIA) and his village idiot son, nepotism never works and is usually instilled by the crooks, One might wonder, of course, why the CIA, which is so concerned with the subversive effects of foreign influences on our great nation, assists other countries to ply their drug trade here. The answer is chilling, but any inner-city resident can tell you why: crack in in the 'hood keeps the poor killing each other (the incessant 'gang wars' over drug turf) rather than going after their real enemies - "divide and conquer." You can't demand your rights or freedoms when you're enslaved to drugs, or think about your oppression when you're strung out on crack. Many radical black groups, such as the Nation of Islam, call upon black youth to stay drug-free. It's not just for silly moralistic purposes, a la "Just Say No." They realize that drugs are a tool of the shadow government to keep people in the inner-city down and out, and also that the "War on Drugs" gives government an excuse to throw our civil liberties out the window and use police-state tactics to fight the 'drug epidemic' their own CIA brought here. Who are you voting for the secret society elitists? if you are then you get GANGS and inner city blight! ENJOY!!!!!!!!