Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Killer Potholes

The corner of Hazel and Windsor has been plagued not only by gang warfare (the most recent shooting happening just last night), but it's also home to two, count 'em, two of the
biggest ...

... deepest ...

... filthiest ...
potholes we've ever seen. Seriously, folks, these are the length and width of cars. And they're just across the street from one another.

Anyone from that area know what the deal is? From all the trash that's filling up the holes, they look like they've been there for quite a while.


  1. Ugh. The potholes have been there since February (?), getting bigger all the time. Too bad they haven't sucked in the drug dealers that work on these same corners in broad daylight...right next to our other bad neighbors: the parking lots at the corner of Windsor and Hazel.

  2. The city started working on them in the Fall, then left them open like that all winter. It was hard not to have your car slide into them this winter - if you could even see that they were there under the snow banks.

    I don't know why they don't finish what they started.

    You might note that they are adjacent to the 900 West Windsor building our TIF dollars are rennovating for low income housing instead of being used to fix the sewer blight that justified the TIF.

  3. If you read the Wilson Yard TIF redevelopment plan is states monies will go to improving the old buildings and infrastructure.

    Oh, I forgot, the alderman lies.

  4. Filthy, as in where is the Ward Superintendent when he is supposed to be doing his job to keep the Ward clean?

  5. Still out after serious back surgery. According to the cops, he'll be back sometime in May.

  6. Funny, he was walking just fine in front of his home on Marine at Montrose three days ago and his truck was parked (again) in the handicapped parking spot in front of 4750 N Sheridan this week.

  7. I'm glad someone beat me to the photos, I was meaning to snap a few shots myself. I drive by the sinkholes the city created all the time on my way home to my palatial apartment at Clarendon & Windsor. I'm waiting for a car to plunge into one of those holes. They could swallow a small child.

  8. There is an Acting Ward Superintendant, Leonard Wade, who is taking Don's place. He is available in Don's office at 4750 N. Sheridan at Don's contact numbers: Phone: 312-744-5030 Fax: 744-5463.

    Overseeing the 46th Ward S&S Office is the S&S District One Office, which oversees a block of 10 Wards.

    You can also choose to contact that office anytime you feel you aren't getting adequate attention to your ward's problems.

    Acting District Superintendant Mario Campanella – 4605 West Lawrence Avenue 312-744-8237.

  9. I called the Acting Ward Superintendent's office to ask for a cleanup on Monday, April 28. Let's see how long it takes for improvement.