Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green Mill Getting A Facelift

Walking by the Green Mill today at Lawrence and Broadway, we noticed work is moving along on the facade update. It looks like black marble will be covering the outside, and a small patch of concrete in front of the building has been replaced. Looks good.

UPDATE: By Wednesday, the marble is done. More renovation continues.


  1. I hope the sign never changes. I love that sign, just as it is.

  2. The History Cable Channel recently has been showing the show that reveals the hidden underground passages that lead from the Green Mill to bars in Uptown. They were used in prohibition to haul booze to the Riviera and Aragon Ballroom, Uptown Theatre, etc. There were underground party rooms also.

    The owner of the Green Mill gives the journalist the tour and says their were even hidden exits that popped up to the streets to allow party goers to escape police raids. Much of this tunnel system is removed but some survives under the Green Mill and is used for storage.