Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Got Experience With Private Security Cameras?

A reader suggests, in light of the recent discussions about putting cameras in the Sunnyside Mall and in condo buildings, that anyone who might have knowledge or experience with these systems share their information here.

So, if you're interested in getting cameras for your building, if you need information or advice, if you've been thinking about it, if you want to lead a campaign to get cameras put in the Sunnyside Mall... this is a place to share your information and questions. If you've had any experience in putting a camera system in your building, this is a place to share your knowledge.


  1. my building in Clarendon Park has private security cameras. They were fairly cheap and record through a dvr type system provived to us by our cable company - RCN.

    the building next to us used to have drug deals going on all the time. the traffic of buyers ended once the cameras went up.

    We have even held meetings with the other condo associations in our block club so they can look at the system, but no one else has taken this important step and I don't know why.

  2. My $0.02:

    The trick with installing cameras is where/how to send the signal from the camera(s) to whatever is recv'ing the signal.

    Wireless is expensive, and wiring is cumbersome, so say the least; but, considerably less expensive.

    Check out Costco for the security camera packages they have. You're looking at about $1000(ish) for something decent (ie - has night vision).

    Now, if you're shopping for something, look into a system that has IP networking capabilities. That way, you'd be able to feed the signal to the web for all to see.

    My building is in the process of installing cameras on the doors, as well as pointing a couple cameras at the street and alleyways. I can't wait.

    Keep in mind, the presence of cameras in and of itself is a deterrent. So much so that they become targets for people who don't want to be captured on film.

    Installing cameras on the Sunnyside mall is a fantastic idea - just make sure they are properly protected.

  3. please post companies you have used to install these systems (if you have been happy with them)

  4. Call Tomas Slama at Skynet Security. He has done several of my hotels and we love the camera systems.


  5. We need more detailed information. Building contact information. Price ranges. Features. Please.

  6. If any of the readers here live in a building that has bought cameras but don't know the details because they aren't on the board, could you please get and forward whatever info you can to Uptown Update either by email or this comments section? Thanks!!!

  7. Titan Security Group does a lot of building on the Lakefront also the http://www.intercomstore.com/.

    I have always wondered why the buidings don't go together and place them down the streets as well and block clubs.

  8. We live on the 800 block of Windsor. A little over a year ago,
    we had several cameras installed around the perimeter of our building. The footage can be viewed in real-time on a cable channel. It is also recorded to a hard drive and is viewable on a monitor in our common area.

    It is reassuring to have them up there and it seems to have cut down on loiterers in front of our property. We have also had several calls from the police department as well as other neighbors to view our footage. It has been nice to be able to help in any way that we can.

    I hope other buildings start installing their own systems so we can get more coverage in the neighborhood and help make it safer for everyone.

    installer's info:
    Ziggy Habina (708) 280-0163

    E-Process Solutions
    2944 N. Broadway, Ste 100
    Chicago, IL 60657

    - Julie S.
    841 W. Windsor Condo Association

  9. Much appreciated - keep the names coming! Also, do let us know if you've had any issues with followup or service from any other companies.

    Thank you so much.
    - hopefully a future camera owner

  10. When I was looking into security cameras several businesses in Lakeview/Lincoln Park including some nice restaurants told me they had good experiences with Digital Witness, and a rep named Justin, his email is:


    I know he's been to a Truman CAPS meeting or two. Not sure what the prices are though.

  11. I live in Uptown (won't say where) and our condo association bought cheap fake cameras and installed around our building. We did the research to find ones that look real, and, while not a permanent solution, are probably somewhat effective. We've had them up almost three years now. Just a thought...

  12. I was at both meetings, and have my own camera footage that I am trying to get the police to view. I think that cameras are a phenomenal idea. I went to a security store to check out options for our condo association, and learned some interesting things while there. Wondering if anyone else has heard similar facts about these systems: Many of the gangs are aware that most cameras can be destroyed. The "globe" like cameras with a protective shield cannot be ( a little more expensive) and are the best bet around these types of violent areas. Has anyone else heard this?

  13. Between these two links you may be able to come up with the security solution you are looking for webspawner.com/users/greathomestuff/index.html

  14. We had a very good system put in and the installers were very good and very reasonable. Call Todd @ Digitek Security at 773.862.2400.
    Our building is vintage and cumbersome to get to the mechanical room. They did an excellent job with the conduit where you can't even see it and it works perfectly. We have already spun several DVD's to the police for video observation. This system can be monitored in realtime over the internet as well.

  15. I used to install them a ew months ago
    Seemed pretty reasonable and reliable
    Exterior and interior applications
    Monitor throgh monitor, DVR or Internet remotely
    I can put anybody interested in these at any time
    Proprietor is local business and builds and trouble shoots computer systems too.

  16. I'm wondering if the landlords of these bad buildings will help us pay for these cameras... I mean it's their FAULT we don't feel safe. Building behind us had heroin shooters in their gate recently. Oh, but they have solar panels and new everything else.