Sunday, April 27, 2008

CPNA Safety Seminar And Neighborhood Watch

Another event Saturday was presented by Clarendon Park Neighbors and CAPS regarding personal safety and the establishment of a neighborhood watch. Thanks to a reader who sent in photos and a summary of the event.

Dr. Ron Rufo from CPD gave a presentation on personal safety. I learned some things I hadn't known: If someone asks for the time, he could be checking to see your watch and rings. If you leave your ATM receipt at the ATM, you're telling everyone how much money you took out and how much money you have left in your account. Walk down the street like a cop with a self-confident swagger. If you're walking down the street and see people approaching you who make you uncomfortable, act crazy and talk to yourself. If you use a cell phone while you're walking, make sure to tell the person you're talking to where you are so they can call the police if necessary.

Then there was discussion about the establishment of a neighborhood patrol of 4-6 people walking in a group. It would be less a "reporting" thing than a deterrent thing, similar to residents showing up in Sunnyside Mall on a regular basis. People doing illegal things don't want other people around! The emptier the streets are, the more opportunity there is for the criminal element to move in. The police suggested that if everyone in Uptown spent just an hour a night in front of their homes -- cleaning the parkway, planting, sitting on the stoop, just taking a chair and sitting outside talking on the phone or drinking a pop -- the criminal activity would lessen considerably.

The block club president encouraged condo associations to get camera systems (see related discussion). A sign-in sheet was passed around so people could be contacted for more meetings. If you're interested in participating or starting your own block club's neighborhood watch, write to

The best quote of the afternoon was: "If we don't do anything, do you think the level of violence will go down?"

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  1. This was a great street safety seminar and is something we are planning on doing in sheridan park as well sometime in the next month... we will announce the date at the next caps meeting. it will be in the evening (7 pm or so) on a weeknight. stay tuned....

    we also plan on doing more positive loitering events at sunnyside mall and at bronco billy. we need a lot of these this summer. email me at if you'd like to help organize one. the more we organize and do these, the faster we will make our neighborhood better.
    keep in mind, we are here to make this area safe for ALL residents. those in condos, those in rentals, those in the low income housing, etc. so any suggestions you have to make this include everyone ..let me know!! we're open to any and all suggestions on how to make the neighborhood better!!

    caps beat 2311 facilitator