Friday, April 11, 2008

"Cook Local," Uptown!

The Neighbors Project, Inspiration Corporation, and Share Our Strength have joined forces to offer a cooking class to Uptown residents: "Cook Local: a Cooking Class for Uptown, by Uptown."
The April 25th class will teach Uptown families how to prepare healthy recipes using foods available at local corner stores in Uptown. Ariel and Arline hope the class will help fellow Uptown residents save money on their grocery bills and avoid unhealthy fast food by shopping at neighborhood corner stores when it's time to put dinner on the table.

Read more about it at Gapers Block.


  1. Are we talking Food Town?

  2. Give details please

  3. Follow the links provided. It's all there.

  4. That's a nice idea. I remember being broke and trying to make the trade-off between cheap Mac&Cheese or Spaghetti and healthy foods. I always wondered how to do cheap and healthy.