Wednesday, April 16, 2008

City Council Jacks Up Wilson Yard TIF To $52M

By Lorraine Swanson, Editor, News-Star

For the second time in less than a year, the Chicago City Council has jacked up TIF subsidies for the stalled Wilson Yard redevelopment project in Uptown by almost 25 percent in an agreement with Chicago-based Holsten Real Estate Development Corp. That would take the TIF subsidy to $52 million.

The barely audible, two-line amendment was read over the din of personal conversations taking place on the City Council Chamber floor and passed by a roll call vote during the council's regular April 9 meeting.

Redevelopment plans for the five-acre site bounded by Broadway, the CTA tracks, Wilson and Montrose, call for a 180,000-square-foot Target store, 178 units of affordable housing and a 700-car parking garage. An additional 30,000 square feet has also been allotted for retail, offices and restaurants. The only completed component of the project is an Aldi's supermarket that replaced an existing store at 4450 N. Broadway. Continue Reading


  1. "Nothing has changed in the last two years," [spokesman for the Chicago Department of Planning and Development Peter] Scales said.

    Here's the rendering as of way back at project approval time, clearly showing a Broadway entrance to Aldi's, incredibly still up on Shiller's website (somebody copy this down before she removes it)

    WY on the Morgan Group website

    includes the updated rendering, with the original entrance to the Aldi's from the Broadway pedestrian streetscape redacted

  2. Hugh-
    Those windows and imaginary doors on Aldi are display cases for artwork. Haven't you seen the artwork in the cases and in that atrium? If you look closely, you can see gang tag etchings on most of them. Maybe we are to consider that the art.

  3. That's kinda ugly, generic looking. Whatever, just build it.

  4. how come none of the drawings include the housing towers? i dont think i have seen a rendering with them included. where are those supposed to go in the grand scheme of things? hell, i dunno how stories they are supposed to be for that matter...

  5. they might need to add a story or two for all of the people who are going to be displaced for the olympics. of course, those people would rather stay in their own homes and in the community they have lived in for many years.