Friday, April 4, 2008

CAPS Beat 2322 Recap

Beat Meeting Update 2322
Thursday April 3, 2008 7pm

Discussed old problems in the Beat Loitering at Public Storage and U-Haul at 4050 N. Broadway. Local Community Taskforce members spoke about progress getting neighbors to call 911 regularly and how it has dramatically lowered the arrests in this area.
Group discussed graffiti and how to report it to 311 and make sure a tracking number is given.
New problems that were discussed:
1. Loitering at the bus stop at Broadway and Cullom. Neighbors will attempt to watch to see if it is residents of the Nursing Home drinking and using drugs on this corner or other loiterers from the neighborhood.
2. Problem building at 851 W. Montrose that has rented rooms to people with severe mental health and substance abuse issues. Noise from loud music and threats have continued to come from open windows and police are regularly called about the problem but can not get into building. Community policing is going to follow up with the owner of the building.
3. Ruth Shriman Home at 4040 N. Broadway which is an apartment building for elder adults is having trouble with management of the building who have refused to provide more security. Men from the neighborhood are regularly getting into the building and creating a feeling of danger. Community police has been in contact with management and will again follow up.
4. New crime has been observed stealing copper wires from utility poles in alleyways. The criminals may break wire free during the day posing as utility workers and return at night to pull out several hundred feet of wire. It is then taken to scrap yards for $. Please call 911 any time someone is working on wires that is not wearing a utility clothing, or driving a truck clearly marked. All workers are required to have ID on at all times.

Buena Park Neighbors mentioned that the owner of Nicks Uptown has told his employees that they are to walk anyone home from his establishment upon request. This offer is for anyone living in Buena Park.


  1. Does anyone have any details from the Tues night meeting (2311?)? I got stuck at work until after 7, unfortunately. Thanks!

  2. Re: the Ruth Shriman Building
    Call the Lake View Citizen's Council. That's their project built in our neighborhood named for their activist. We were cut out of any decision making when it was built, why should we take care of it now?

    That site of a former movie theatre was supposed to the location of a huge library (think Sultzer over on Lincoln Avenue.) Shiller blocked that from coming here so that we only received that dinky excuse for a library at Buena and Sheridan.

    Lake View Citizen's Council and their sub-organization the Lakeview Action Coalition feel very strongly about the need for low income housing. So much so that they have a habit of demonstrating for it in our neighborhood by (oh my!!!) not theirs. They demanded it. Let them fix it.

  3. Well the problem is that they are not taking care of it. It is not necessarily fair to say we did not agree with this project and now the several hundred people living there, who are great neighbors, have to deal with it. I believe it is in all of our interests to support the residents of the building when they are having problems. Do we want the building to end up like so many in our community where the residents do not give a dam about where they live. At the meeting were 5 or 6 people who live there, and are always at CAPS meetings. They are doing their part how about stepping up to show them some support. If a building goes to hell in the neighborhood it is everyone’s problem. I am not sure Lakeview Citizen’s Council manages the building but if they do how about a phone call asking them what they plan to do for the residents and neighbors of the building. Or would you rather sit at home and blame those who live there?

  4. I'd rather call Lakeview Citizen's Council, a perfectly well-staffed and well-funded block club organization that is perfectly capable of helping these poor people. That's not leaving those poor people out in the cold. That's routing them to a group that has access to more resources than all our Uptown block clubs combined and which already has a connection to this building.

    And, no, they are not the management company.

  5. 851 West Montrose is also always home to several adult and child sex offenders.

    I had the State's Attorney's office come out and visit that building once because it was across the street from Columbus-Maryville and the DCFS children's center. But, they said there was nothing they could do because those facilties occassionally keep mentally ill kids until age 21 so they fell outside the protection of the law that limits protection from sex offenders living next door to facilities serving those under 18 exclusively. And the sex offenders sure know it.

  6. 851 Montrose is a seedy place and it would be nice if the city sent some building inspectors over there. I have been cussed at when walking by and when looking up, I see boards and cardboard substitutes for windows. Junk staked out on the porches like someone is living on them. It's a real eyesore not to mention some of the tenants that are out on a summer day in full winter wear talking to themselves and annoying passing Jewel shoppers. Or sitting on the curb stuffing bread into their mouths and begging for change for their next fix or a cigarette. I'm guessing a fire will probably break out in that rat trap at some point and that will be the end of that.