Monday, March 17, 2008

Uptown Update Named 14th Most Influential Political Blog In Illinois

Uptown Update has been named the 14th most influential political blog in Illinois, per "Blog Net"

Click here for a link to all the blogs that were rated.

Created by former USA Today editorial writer Dave Mastio, it lists the most often clicked, most often linked, most active, and most influential (by its own mathematical metric) blogs in Illinois.
Thanks to all of our readers who constantly send in story ideas and are not afraid to dig for the truth!


  1. It must be all the clicks from Holsten. That or the community just has an insatiable appetite for the hate and lies that are spread here.

    Seriously, though, I think this blog is so successful because it is updated often, frequently fun & funny, and that this neighborhood is desperately crying out for an open community forum.

    Congratulations, Uptown Update. Let's hope that some of the knowledge and goodwill created here can pierce through the blogosphere and into our lived community.

  2. Congrats,

    this blog is great for news related to Uptown.

    I would suggest adding "tags" and getting some people to do restaurant or business reviews. There is much more to this blog than just the political stuff.

    I think this blog drove quite a bit of business to Express Chicken over the last few days. Any money we can keep in Uptown is good.

    Perhaps local businesses and residents can start posting UPTOWN UPDATE signs in their windows. Get more people reading.

    How about a fundraiser to raise cash for posters. I might even show up dressed as an overfed overtall overdrunk overover leprechaun who hates to use 'commas'.

    Oh well, back to work.

  3. We will start working on some sort of poster for people to hang in their windows if they wish. If anyone lives near the el tracks, (facing the L tracks) that would be a great advertising opportunity.

  4. Very cool news, UU, and congrats!

    I like the Pirate's idea, too. There are great restaurants in our community. No need to go elsewhere.

  5. Congrats UU this is excellent news!

  6. Congrats UU!

    I made a small notice and put it in the lobby of my building. All it takes is a sheet that says: Neighborhood News and gives the UU address.

  7. I wonder if Shiller read about that & just how much would she care? Would love to see her head explode.

    Though could someone tell me what is up with the attitude in her "office" when it comes to buying parking passes for zoned streets that one lives on??! Never had a problem in Rodgers Park, nor was I ever told in R.P. that I HAD to call before hand or that it was a "privilege" to buy since the alderman can only buy so many. Or is that just some B.S. the snotty twerp in her office told me just to be difficult? Sad he was really cute too.

  8. Websites such as this one make it easier to hold our elected officials accountable for what they say and do. Helen can continue to talk about being misunderstood but anyone who has read something by her in 2002 and now in 2008 can see she changes her toon as often as the weather in Chicago changes. Thank you for continuing to give your time keeping The Uptown Update on top of events here in the Uptown Area. It is a valuable tool to create change in our neighborhood.

  9. If you look at the list, you see that the north lakefront is well represented in a mostly "Illinois" list. A case might be made that there is an emerging movement that is anti-Daley machine, anti-incumbent and even anti-development (at least when it is clear that the development is being driven by politically connected interests.) It may only be a matter of time, but I'd like to see this movement connect with the anti-eminent domain folks in Lincoln Square and in North Lawndale. There is a lot of common ground between all of these parts of the City but it doesn't seem as if the connections have been made yet. I'd love to see a people's coalition emerge that would oust Daley's coterie of sycophantic alderman even if they can't topple da boss himself.