Friday, March 28, 2008

That's Not Healthy!

Another overflowing dumpster in Uptown! Where’s it at this time?

This non-compliant mess is located where it is overlooked by 3 government-funded, low income housing complexes:

The CHA scattered-site townhomes, (850 W. Windsor) ; the Uptown Preservation Apartments (Wilson TIF funded at 900 West Windsor), and the Wilson Care Nursing Home (4544 N. Hazel).

Question: Who could be so thoughtless and uncaring as to make these poor people look at their refuse?

Answer: The Chicago Department of Public Health. This unshielded and overflowing dumpster is located behind its Uptown Neighborhood Health Center Clinic at 845 West Wilson.

If this makes you mad, just tell Commissioner Terry Mason, by calling 312-747-9872. or by email him at

1 comment:

  1. It was cleaned up and emptied out overnight.

    Garbage Fairies! Mommy, they really do exist.

    No Honey. That was the City evading photographers.