Friday, March 21, 2008

Subway On Sheridan?

According to business licenses granted on "EveryBlock," residents near Sheridan and Winona (5062 N Sheridan) can look forward to a "Subway" opening in the small strip mall there. Get ready to eat fresh!


  1. I live basically next door to this strip mall and the Subway looks like it'll be open any day now. The interior appears to be completed and they got a huge delivery of stuff this week. It's a welcome addition to the neighborhood for sure. I'm especially glad it wasn't a Starbucks haha.

  2. I'd much rather have a Caribou anyway. Starbucks=Ick. Actually. Maybe it will be better since they plan to actually grind their beans in store again. Really...Intelligentsia though. Or at least some other local shop brewing Intelligentsia. Best coffee in town. :-)

  3. Start sending emails to the companies you want to see and give them the leasing info. Sometimes you have to do a bit of the work for them if you want to see quality businesses in your neck of the woods.