Wednesday, March 26, 2008

State Senator Visits Uptown

Uptown Updaters noticed this grey Jaguar sporting Illinois Senate District 17 plates parked on Marine at Montrose today at 10:30.

First, we wonder what we pay our State Senators these days.

Second, we hope the esteemed South Side Senator did not step into the plops left by the two persons who’ve camped adjacent to the park in the white van and black Buick for the past five months (which police and shelter services ignore)

Third, we pray for appropriations for new Wilson and Lawrence Avenue bridges.


  1. Oh, I was driving behind this car Friday morning of last week. Who's is it?

  2. Uptown is ALREADY a destination for parking!

  3. wow, he's 130 blocks N of his district office

    Senator Donne E. Trotter
    17th District State Senator
    Senate Majority Whip
    8704 S Constance Ave
    Chicago, Illinois 60617

  4. To be fair, Senator Trotter is a hospital administrator outside of his elective office. I'm sure he makes a comfortable living from that.

  5. He's also head of the Illinois Senate Appropriations Committee.

    Hey, we didn't say we saw him, only this car. His wife could be visiting a sick uncle for all we know.

    Good Grief! This is Uptown, and we did not verify with the Secretary of State Illinois license plate photo page. What if some audacious Uptownian has made fake Senator plates?

    Ok, just checked the Secy of State site and Illinois political style plates aren't listed for mere mortals to view. See for yourself. It's sometimes handy to know this site exists.

    We tried our best.

  6. Friday morning around 8:30 or so, I drove from Lawrence and Sheridan to Irving Park, then west to Ravenswood, behind this car most of the way. I turned off onto Ravenswood and the car continued west on Irving Park. I don't know why I'm writing this but I just remember wandering which Senator it was, and why such a fancy car.

    I grew up with the daughter of a state senator. At sixteen, we were driving her dads car with those plates and someone chased us, screaming about some issue he was pissed about the whole time.

    We were terrified and never used his car again.

  7. last night on Bryn Mawr by Winthrop a fancy Lincoln was parked with state senator plates and all it had on it was the # 7.

  8. Ooh, maybe they're looking for prostitutes. Now that they're scared off escort services.....

  9. Lincolns aren't Jags.

  10. 7's aren't 17's.

    17's are chairs of the Appropriations Committee.