Monday, March 31, 2008

Robberies On The Rise

(From a Community E-mail Alert)


This afternoon I spoke with police officers on the street about the
robbery last night, specifically about the inability for squad cars
to get through the barrier at the end of Castlewood. I remember that the north gap used to be wide enough to drive through and indeed, the officer said it used to be, but the post was now closer to the fence. Perhaps we need it moved a little to open up the gap again?

Also: The officers said that they think the same teenagers committed a similar robbery on Ainslie on Sunday and TODAY on Gunnison in the afternoon. There were 4 teens that robbed someone around 3:30 (IIRC) on Gunnison dressed the same way - in black hooded jackets and/or ski-masks that they used to conceal their faces from their victims. Four individuals, not two. Is this getting to be a popular pastime? Since this seems to be a pattern, I think it's fair that if we see 2 or more teens dressed in black jackets with hoods walking on our street we should immediately call police. Whatever time of day, but particularly in the afternoon and early evening. Let the police sort it out. I know that they can use the extra eyes. They are actively looking for these individuals so they will be answering calls in the neighborhood very quickly.

Thanks for passing on the latest crime problems. We also had a couple who was robbed on Castlewood 2 days ago. Like you I am concerned on the sudden upswing of crime in our area.


  1. I live in the area but am not sure where exactly these three locations are. Could someone provided the intersections? Thanks.

  2. I agree that we should all be watchful, but as a former black-wearing teen, the suggestion that "if we see 2 or more teens dressed in black jackets with hoods walking on our street we should immediately call police" is almost offensive. As a kid, my friends and I were hassled by police more times than I can count for the crime of wearing enough black to appear "suspicious" and intimidating to old ladies with 911 on their speed-dial. Ski masks, yes -- call the cops. It's not winter anymore. Hoodies, no. They may be a fashion crime, but they're not illegal. Great way to get the police to label you as busy-bodies and stop taking you seriously (ahem... moreso), besides.

  3. Castlewood is one of those little side streets off of Marine (just north of Lawrence) near the park.

    I have to disagree a touch with candice. I think most people checking this blog are not the equivalent of the "old ladies" she refers to. If you don't know what your local teenage gang members look like, it means you probably live in a high rise and don't venture out much on the sidewalks.

  4. PS--This east/west streets east of sheridan are relatively short and some of them are in a cul-de-sac. They don't get a lot of thu traffic and so neighbors tend to notice if the traffic patterns suddenly change.
    It is not like walking down Broadway or something.

    It is so tough not to jump to conclusions but most people don't want to get mugged or worse, either...

  5. When I first moved to the city years ago I lived on Wilson and Clarendon right across from the hospital. One night I went out to a local grocery store to get some beer. I was wearing and old dark blue zip-up hoodie and I had my hood up because it was cold out. As I walked around the store looking for the beer section I got this feeling that I was being followed. Right as I found the beer someone grabbed my shoulder and said, "please turn around sir". As I turned around I realized it was a security guard. The second he saw my face, I am white, he seemed to relax. I asked what was going on and he told me that the store thought I was going to rob them and asked me to put my hood down for the rest of my visit. That was my introduction to Uptown.

    lol, because of that night I have actually gotten in the habit of putting my hood down when I enter a store.

  6. Well, Hell Candice, I have cold-induced asthma, wore my black face mask/hood with the integrated copper ventilator into a Walgreens and got stopped by security too. They thought I was gonna rob them. But, I didn't jump to the conclusion that it was a racial issue. I'm not making this up.

  7. These are all tough issues. Most people in their hearts do not want to stereotype others or jump to conclusions. On other hand, most people don't want to be the victim of a crime either. I agree that it seems as if violent crime might be on the rise in this local area. Unfortunately, we won't know until we see a longer trend. It also seems as if there are a group of teenagers who have been trying to rob people in that immediate area around the same time of day. (Bringing all of my Law & Order watching to bear seems as if it is the same MO). The ski masks mean no sketches.

    So how does a community spread the word, how do people individually protect themselves and how to everyone accomplish all of that without unfairly treating people who don't deserve it? I really don't know.

  8. There is something larger going on in the area as there were now 7 reported robberies or attempted robberies in the last week in the area. The last thing I heard was a shooting occurred outside of JJ Peppers on Thursday the 27th.

    I know one of the attempts happened on Margate close to marine drive, 5 youth with the lower half of their faces covered threated a resident of my building and demanded money and pulled gun on her.

    Beat 2024, Margate Park Block Club and others are working on this issue with Alderman Smith and her office.