Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Rare Personal Appearance?

A reader who's usually in the know writes us:
"Rumor has it that Helen will be at next Monday's community meeting for the Truman College parking garage and student center."

Monday, March 24th, 6 - 8 p.m., Truman College


  1. LOVE the photoshop work, UU. Since I am an evil-doer condo owner, I can't usually see the halo. I am glad that you could show me the light.


  2. St. Helen, always there to show us the light, the way and the truth.

    Except when she lies.

  3. LOOK Mommy, it a Witch!!

  4. Hi. I was the first poster and I am a bit sorry that I took the opportunity to make a cheap shot. I don't want to give people who love her another opportunity to call the opposition a bunch of haters. When they do that all of the real issues get sidelined.

  5. I attended the first community meeting on the Truman building and it was a very decent meeting in terms of presenting the current design, listening to community questions, and agreeing to address these at the next meeting.

    Let's focus on what we do want to bring to our community and do our best to make that happen.

  6. People rarely attack unpopular male politicians on the basis of their physical appearance. Stick to the issues, folks.

  7. You are right that women are unfairly attacked for their looks. There is also a Helen Hate Club that is probably not helpful to the cause either.

    However, let's step back for a moment. Helen is not truthful, she's underhanded, she's secretive, she's disrespectful of other people's opinions, and she's divisive. Now that is ugly.

    Rather than play into the dynamic that poor Helen is hated by evil condo owners, let's get ready for this event by asking a few tough questions.

    What is behind the hesitancy to show Target's letter of intent?

    How much TIF money is going into this tax-exempt Truman project?

    How much cumulative menu money has gone into TIF-related projects for the Wilson Yard?

    Given the reasons why the area was labeled blighted in order to get this TIF, how is this project addressing the specific blight that qualified the area of the TIF?

    Given all the changes, why doesn't the Wilson Yard Task Force meet anymore? Where are the minutes to these meetings? What decisions were made by this task force? Who were the members of this task force and how did they get chosen?

  8. Evrytime time I let my anger build up towards Helen, I see her beautiful face and all the rage just washes away. She's like a delicate flower.
    Shes becoming more precious with age.

  9. Those are really good questions I would love to hear an answer to some of them.

  10. Since the last community meeting on Wilson Yard was held in September 2004, all your questions remain unanswered. May I suggest citizens request another WY meeting.

    How about emailing the alderman and request a Wilson Yard meeting? You can also ask your block club to contact the alderman's office and request a meeting on behalf of the block club.

    The block clubs who are most impacted (paying for the TIF), therefore according to the alderman, should be included in the process, are:
    Graceland Wilson Neighbors, who's boundaries include WY proper
    Magnolia Malden Neighbors
    Truman Square
    Clarendon Park Neighbors
    Lakeside Neighbors

    All the contact information is listed on UUs front page right side, or www.uncchicago.org

  11. Oooo - Women have it so bad. Burn Bras and find another crutch. yea right, I have never heard anyone make fun of a short guy or fat political guy. get off it.

    btw- how do you know it was not a women making fun of here. PC rules states you can make fun of you own kind, but not outside it.

  12. What is that background picture? The bat cave she hangs in between the rare times she surfaces North of Irving Park ?

  13. So, I went to this meeting. I didn't see a halo. Instead, I saw a condescending little tyrant who seemed annoyed that any of us should have any ideas of our own.