Thursday, March 13, 2008

Like A Green Tarp In The Wind

The weather was perfect today for an afternoon stroll. We thought we'd check out our favorite empty lot, Wilson Yard. The green tarps on the fencing have all but blown off. The few pieces that remain are flapping in the wind, some almost 4 feet into the sidewalk. This empty lot has also given our most esteemed residents a place to chuck their empty beer and wine bottles after a fun night on Broadway. Azusa Liquor is just across the street and Wilson Yard has made a convenient dumping area for their empty booze containers. It's always good to look for the positives in things, right?


  1. 46 Ward retail development at its finest.

  2. I have never seen so much trash, cigarette buts and sand in the streets. All the snow i guess.

  3. Does anyone know why ICE HOUSE is the beer of choice in Uptown vacant lots these days?

    When did it overtake MD 20/20 wine? When the manufacturer downgraded 20/20 Red Grape to 13% proof?

    They're making it harder to keep a good buzz going in Uptown these days.

  4. Don't forget the dog poo and the condom wrappers. At least we are egalitarian in allowing everyone to dump disgusting things on our streets.