Thursday, March 13, 2008

'Hot Seat' Not A Joke To 46th Ward Residents

A letter to the editor of the News-Star:

Our history with Ald. Shiller is that when it comes to zoning changes, she creates the scenario to fit what she wants. As the situation gets played out, those who disagree with her would be labeled divisive, polarizing, and against the poor. And so yet another repeat of this same story, different version, surfaced last week when Labor Ready's request for a zoning variance came before the Zoning Board of Appeals. When Ald. Shiller unflinchingly made her false claim that she had the support of O.N.E, she didn't count on them to be so bold as to correct her version of the truth.

Block clubs can be ignored because they are just residents. Uptown United can be ignored because they promote stronger retail. But O.N.E.? This organization that prides itself in being a voice for the voiceless dared not support a decision that Ald. Shiller clearly had already made long ago.

While Ald. Shiller is applauded by those living outside the ward for being brave to "stay on the hot seat," many of us who live here are not impressed with her different versions of truth, her lack of transparency, and her inability to help the community find consensus.

James Cappleman
Uptown resident


  1. Commander Kathleen Boehmer to 23rd Commander. Commander Gary Yamashiroyo to Commander Area 3 Detectives according to Second City Cop.

  2. I dare the Shillerites to bring Labor Ready to this neighborhood. We will be front and center showing the city, nation and the world how these companies profit off the poor and profit off of struggling inner city neighborhoods. No one is making this stuff up!

    I can't wait for the moment when outsiders realize that it wasn't some George Bush clone who backed them. No, it was none other than our "independent" (formerly radical) alderman. I can't wait to see how she will defend this decision in front of her PEERS. I can't wait to hear what excuse she will give them for not supporting a living wage ordinance, not using her time in office to improve City funded programs and basically saying, "I'll let the free market take care of it...that is the way we help poor people now." Helen, you have created the seeds of your own destruction.