Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Got An Opinion? Park District Has Rules For You

By Greg Hinz/ Crain's Chicago Business

So, your little community group wants to put its two cents in at the local park?

You and each of your buddies will have to submit to a criminal background check — and fill out a detailed application that includes work and evening phone numbers for three non-family personal references.

Any money you raise for that new swing set must be approved in advance by the Chicago Park District, which retains the right to spend the money on something besides swings.

And forget about publicity. All interviews with TV, newspaper or radio reporters are strictly prohibited.
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  1. Lord! Didn't the bird watchers go through this last year at the Montrose Bird Sanctuary? They always spread wood chips and after being told of these rules they walked off the job and let the Park District sit with danged pile of wood chips.

    I can see rbackground check where the volunteer work is of the type where volunteers may be in close ore ongoing contact with children - sex predators and all. But adults shoveling wood chips?

  2. Did you know that the dog parks that the city so proudly shows off to be the most dog friendly city are actually funded by private donations of the persons who use them?

    That wouldn't be so bad but each year our Margate dog park has to buy its own gravel. But not from amy vendor. And not from the cheapest vendor. Oh, no. One must buy the gravel - the cheap, generic, gravel that every one sells - from the Park District's patronage gravel supplier at multiples of the going rate.

    Thanks Timmy Mitchell.
    That is so Dog Friendly.

    We'll be thinking of you as we pay extra for that gravel, and fill out our reference forms, and go through our criminal background checks, and watch you grab our hard raised funds to spend on yet another soccer field.

    Nah. Just for that I'll let my dog shit on the grass next to the piles of homeless poop. (Hey Tim, weren't you supposed to take care of that?????)

  3. The article says, "background checks may be needed because the district doesn’t want pedophiles in field houses..."

    Oh, really?!! When I raised the issue of 50+ people lining up and congregating in front of a kids club, a park district tot lot, and 2 schools with Mayor Daley himself, my concerns went nowhere. So, don't tell me that this latest requirement for the parks is all about the kids. Harsher requirements only happen when it is politically expedient.