Thursday, March 20, 2008

Demera's Got Liquor

For those of you wanting to enjoy a nice Ethiopian beer or Heine with your "doro wat," then you are in luck. Judging by the Heineken ad outside "Demera" at Lawrence and Broadway, they have gotten their liquor license. Enjoy. Our thanks to our new roving Uptown photog for this pic.


  1. I'm glad to hear that they are progressing. I visited this restaurant soon after it opened, but my guest and I were unimpressed. Perhaps they've improved with time?

  2. Yes,
    I'm sure with like an restaurant it takes time to work out all the issues.

  3. They have a noon hour buffet which is a very reasonable $8 but I still like the regular menu selections more.

    Has anyone tried their Sunday coffee ceromony? I'm curious about that.

    I also just found out that they have some parking spaces rented in the lot behind their building on some days for their customers. That is good because it seems that there are tow zone signs on the street every few days.