Monday, March 3, 2008

Definitely A Point To Ponder

Our friends over at "Great Expectations" had a great post the other day. Are we giving too much good? Check it out here.


  1. That is a great post. As someone who works as a Clinical Social Worker it is frustrating when politicians make decisions regarding these "treatment programs" without any real knowledge of how they help or hurt the affected population. In my opinion many of the programs in Uptown do not even meet the basic professional requirements of ethical assistance. For example, many of those who call themselves Social Workers are committing a crime because they do not hold a License from the State as is required by law to use that title. Therefore giving those of us who have actually gone though the trouble of learning how to address these issues some negative feelings from the neighbors of these programs. Not all Social Service Programs are staffed by Social Workers with a treatment background because this is a way to save money.

  2. Sums up Uptown's real issues in a real and honest assessment. It's not just the quantity of social service agencies, shelters, mental health facilities, and tons of badly managed low income housing--it's also the quality of how all of this drags everyone down.

    If you keep on doing what you're doing, you keep on getting more of the same. Poor stay poor.

  3. Agree about the problem of many people passing themselves off as social workers when they are not licensed with the state. I went through some fairly intensive training and licensing requirements to be a social worker and it's not ethical for others to pass themselves off to the public who may not understand the difference.

    As with all professionals, some are good and some not-so-good. All licensed clinical social workers should be committed to the use of best practices when it comes to using interventions to assist their clients. There are some examples of terrible enabling and while they mean well, it ultimately can cause real emotional and physical harm.

    It's also a waste of valuable resources to squander needed money on interventions that sometimes perpetuate the problem rather than deal with it.

  4. God, Please Give Us Mercy!
    Help Us Know The Best Way
    To Pour Out Our Hearts....?

    I hope this is sarcasm...